James Rhine

James Rhine


12/6/1975, Miami, Florida, USA

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James Rhine


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James Rhine is best known for having appeared on CBS's Big Brother 6 in 2005. James was born December 6, 1975 and was living in Atlanta, GA and working as a Loss Prevention Manager prior to doing the Big Brother show. After the show, James moved to Chicago…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • James donates blood to Life Source, and once did an autograph signing there to encourage donors.

    • James was one of the twenty nominees for the Big Brother 7 all star cast.

    • James was voted out of the BB6 house with a vote of 4-0. Howie received no votes.

    • In the live vote on episode 23 of BB6, James was sent out of the house, after three prior nominations where he escaped the block using the veto.

    • After the Veto Ceremony in episode 22 of BB6, it was James' fourth time being nominated, but his very first time ever having to face the vote.

    • At the Veto Ceremony in episode 22 of BB6, April chose to use the Golden Power of Veto to remove Janelle from the block and replace her with James.

    • In episode 22 of BB6 James was not picked to play and was intentionally left to host the Veto Competition.

    • While in the BB6 house James said "We've got two sides – one of them annoys the Hell out of me in one way. The other side annoys the Hell out of me in a different way."

    • In episode 20 of BB6, James chose not to use the Golden Power of Veto to remove either Howie or Rachel from the block at the Veto Ceremony.

    • While on BB6, James won his 5th Golden Power of Veto in the veto game titled "Get Your Pairings Straight," where the contestants had to unhook the faces of all of the houseguests at the bottom of the pool one at a time and match up the "secret" pairs.

    • While in the BB6 house James said "Maggie has to go…. She'll never trust me, and she is my nemesis in this game."

    • Just before Kaysar is evicted from the BB6 house for the 2nd time James said to him, "Last week, you and your pawns, you took out my queen. And this week, me and my pieces took out the King."

    • After Kaysar was nominated for eviction immediately after his return to the BB6 house, James said, "This is beautiful. This is revenge in every facet."

    • After losing the HOH competition "Pressure Cooker." James had to open a box and received a slice of pizza.

    • After losing an HOH competiion in BB6, James said "Ivette wanted that HoH for her family and her girlfriend. I wanted it for the wrong reason – I wanted it for revenge. And I'm so much better than that."

    • After spending numerous weeks "on the block" in the BB6 house James said when he realized he wasn't nominated that week, "Seeing my name come out of that box, seeing my key there, was kind of a surprise because my key never really goes in that box."

    • While the other houseguests designed shirts campaigning for their choice on who will return to the BB6 house as winner of the America's Choice vote, James told America to "keep 'em" all" when he decorated his shirt.

    • The night before the Veto Game "A Lota Pinata" on BB6, there is a big Mexican-style party set up in the backyard, complete with a margarita machine and art supplies in order for the players to decorate piñatas that will be used in the Veto Competition the next day. James gives his the Power of Veto around his neck, a halo floating above his head, and two middle fingers for hands.

    • While in the BB6 house James said about himself, "There's not a person here that's more feared or hated."

    • While in the BB6 house, James said about his multiple veto wins, "I wish this was the Olympics, man. I would come home rich."

    • At the Veto Ceremony in episode 14 of BB6, James uses the Golden Power of Veto to remove himself from the block.

    • James picked Ivette to play in the Veto Competition in episode 14 of BB6 called, "A Lotta Piñata."

    • The Veto Competition in episode 14 of BB6 called, "A Lotta Piñata" was won by James.

    • The nominations on episode 13 of BB6 were the third time that James was nominated for eviction. It was Sarah's first nomination.

    • After being nominated for eviction from the BB6 house with Sarah, James said "I never give up. They're not gonna win. They're not gonna beat me. Sarah and I will decide who leaves this house. I think I'm going to have a motivation and a rage that will be legendary."

    • James and Sarah are nominated for eviction by Howie in episode 13 of BB6.

    • James is on the winning team again for BB6 food competition on episode 13.

    • While in the BB6 house James said "Sarah, she's never going to win Head of Household. She's just not good at things."

    • While in the BB6 house James said about Maggie, "Maybe she'll put up April. I hate April."

    • In episode 11 of BB6, James picked Sarah to play in the veto competition "Couch Potato", and helped her to win it. She, in turn, used the veto to remove him from the block.

    • In episode 10 of BB6 Maggie nominates Kaysar and James for eviction, seeking to venge Eric's eviction from the prior week. This is James' 2nd nomination.

    • After winning the Golden Power of Veto in episode 8 of BB6, James used the veto to remove himself from the nomination block.

    • James picks Janelle to play in the Veto Competition on episode 8 of BB6.

    • James wins his 2nd Power of Veto Competition during episode 8 of BB6.

    • While "on the block" for the first time in the BB6 house James said "Kaysar told me I was safe, but I believe him as far as I can throw…Howie."

    • James was nomineted for eviction from the BB6 house for the 1st time in episode 7 by Kaysar.

    • The Head of Household contest, "Majority Rules," on BB6 revealed that the houseguests believed James was smarter than Eric.

    • At the Veto Ceremony in episode 5 of BB6, Veto Holder James chooses not to take either Michael or Janelle off of the nomination block, leaving the Head of Household's original choices as they stand.

    • Durring BB6, James won the second Veto Competition called "High and Dry."

    • James was the only person, other than her partner Janelle, who voted for Ashlea to stay in the BB6 house.

    • By episode 2 of BB6 James seemed to form an alliance with Eric, Mike, and Kaysar.

    • Upon entering the BB6 house James said "I actually thought Howie was suffering some slight mental retardation."

    • In episode 1 of BB6, James' team won the food competition allowing him to escape the dreaded weekly PB&J diet.

    • James aspires to be a Senator.

    • James' dream job would be a 'National Geographic' photographer.

    • James attended Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia
      from 2002 to 2003 and Miami Dade College-kendall in Miami, Florida from 2003 to 2004.

    • James' asterological sign is Sagittarius.

    • James is 6' 2" tall.

    • According to his myspace profile, James' heros are "David Horowitz, Mike Savage, Ann Coulter, Zo, Dan Marino, Dwayne Wade... Of course the Men and Women in our Armed Forces, any firemen and women, and most police..."

    • Prior to entering the BB6 house, James was a Loss Prevention Manager from Atlanta.

    • James has said that if he had ever won HOH he would've nominated Maggie and April for eviction.

    • James has said in numerous interviews since BB6 that his one regret while in the BB6 house was not having won any HOH competitions - especially the last one.

    • James is currently participating in a charity auction UBID.com for Katrina victims where you can bid for some Veto Comp stuf that he signed.

    • Sarah was not James' original partner for BB6. BB called James 3 days before the show to inform him that his partner had backed out so he took Sarah instead.

    • In college, James majored in Political Science and minored in Economics.

    • Prior to BB6 James hadn't watched the show, and he did not audition. James was recruited for the show through myspace.com.

    • James lives across from Lake Michigan in Downtown Chicago with his girlfriend Sarah (also from BB6).

    • After BB6 James moved back to Chicago in an attempt to get his modeling career going again.

    • James was asked in an interview with Reality TV Convention on 4/25/06 who from BB6 he still talks to. He answered Kaysar, Janey, Howie, Rachel, Ivette and Beau.

    • James was born on December 6, 1975.

    • James played the part of a tourist in the 1993 drama short Hollywood (and Vine).

    • James' favorite non-alchoholic beverages are water, Diet Coke, and Diet Dr.Pepper.

    • James' favorite alchoholic beverages are Vodka & Diet Soda, and Tequila.

    • James' favorite candy bar is a Snickers.

    • James' favorite snacks are protein bars and almonds.

    • According to his BB6 survey James has no favorite type of music.

    • According to his BB6 survey, James' favorite outdoor activities are all sports except for golf.

    • James was featured in VH1's "Big in 05."

    • After his eviction from BB6, James was featured on an episode of Entertainment Tonight.

    • He holds the record for winning the most amount of vetos.

    • His nicknames include Veto Champ and Veto King.

    • His favorite cookies are oatmeal and white chocolate macadamia.

    • His favorite cereals are Shredded Wheat, Special K, and Raisin Bran Crunch.

    • His favorite sports to play are basketball and football.

    • His hobbies include working out, reading, and playing basketball.

    • His favorite bands are Pearl Jam, Pete Yorn, Tool, Lil John,and The Offspring.

    • His favorite films are Grosse Pointe Blank, Snatch, and Benny & Joon.

    • His favorite actors are Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, and John Cusack.

    • His favorite actresses are Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek,and Sofia Vergara.

    • His favorite TV shows are Chappelle's Show, Hannity & Colmes, the History Channel.

    • His favorite sports Teams are Miami Hurricanes, Miami Heat, and Miami Dolphins.

    • Big Brother Stats:

      Number of HoHs won: 0

      Number of Vetos won: 5

      Number of America's Choice won: 0

    • He was the 9th Houseguest evicted from Big Brother 6.

    • Was on Big Brother 6 with her girlfriend, Sarah.

    • James had been dating Sarah for 4 months when they entered the BB6 house together.

  • Quotes

    • On 12 April 2006 James had a very in-depth interview with "Jokersupdates.com" and stated: "I live in Chicago with Sarah, we have a place across from Lake Michigan in Downtown Chicago."

    • In a post BB6 interview, James said "I lost because I was going up against cowards!"

    • James told Julie Chen on the day of his eviction from BB6, "These Houseguests are crazy, they wanted me out real bad & they just kept making worse mistakes than I did. They screwed up more than I so that kept me there for awhile."

  • One of my favourite houseguests for both seasons

    James Rhine was one of the 14 houseguest to play in Big Brother 6 last year. He entered the house with his secret partner Sarah who was his girlfriend. James was the veto competors since the veto was first introduced in season three of the show. Even though he lied alot to other houseguests, I didn\'t care because it was just a game. sadly he only made it to the final 7 that season. When I heard that Big Brother 7 was going to be an all-stars edition I knew that James would be one of the twenty originaly chosen. i was really happy when James decided that he was going to try and evict Janelle. But James yet again got evicted and placed 7th. He is one of my favourite houseguests so far.moreless
  • James is great.

    I loved james last season on big brother, and i love him this season. he's smart. he knows what he's doing. he was really the only one with any brain cells last season. my favorite part was watching him win all the vetos and everyone freaking out because they couldn't get rid of him. I honestly believe that if he didn't get backdoored by april, he would've won the entire season. he was definitely the most deserving. him and sarah were sooooo cute together. i loved watching them. it was almost heartbreaking when she was evicted. i'm interested to see what he's gonna pull out this year. i want him to win.moreless