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  • James is Perfect as Shawn Spencer!

    He is really good at playing a childish man who is a lot of fun on Psych. He's like being on an amusement park ride and I have really enjoyed the ride! Why does the ride have to end?
  • Omg Shawn's so awesome!

    I love how he's just so awesome in Pysch. He's rly rly cute. And omg I watched every single episode of Pysch from season 1 through 7 in 1 full day. Not even joking. I love it that much! xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • good review

    I just love psych !!!!good review james roday gets a fist pump !plus I remeber the 3 hole puncher lol haven't forgot it....

  • James Roday wrote AND directed AND starred in my all-time favorite episode of Psych, which is one of my all-time favorite television shows ever. Is there anything he can't do?

    James Roday is not Shawn Spencer. Solely by watching interviews, it is blatantly obvious that Roday is a very calm guy, and he almost appears to be shy. That's what makes it so amazing that he plays one of the most energetic and outlandish characters on television today. Roday is absolutely amazing on the screen, and he seems like a stand-up guy off-screen as well.

    On top of his performances, Roday has written and co-written several episodes for Psych, and it is no coincidence that those episodes happen to be my favorites. He is so talented when it comes to developing plots around a theme, like the horror movie "Tuesday the 17th" or the ode to Hitchcock "Mr. Yin Presents." These two episodes, along with a few others, also happened to be directed by Roday. His approach to directing is really unique since most actors-turned-directors don't know enough to have a variety of shots and perspectives, but Roday's work on Psych makes it look like he was born to direct. But if directing was all he ever did, it would be a real loss to those of us who love acting and writing skill, so I've very grateful that he has managed to do a little bit of everything, and so amazingly well!
  • Talented, genuine, brilliant, hilarious! Too perfect for words.

    James Roday is perfect in the role of Shawn Spencer on PSYCH. He has that boy next door sexy quality that just makes you want more... He has amazing comedic timing, dead on gestures, and genuine sincerity. Love him - I am so glad that James Roday was cast as Shawn Spencer on Psych!

    He most definitely should have received an Emmy nod for Best Actor in a Comedy Series... Believe me James; if it were up to us fans you would have our vote and win every time!

    As I said before... Talented, genuine, brilliant, hilarious! Too perfect for words.
  • Can't think of anyone i love to see on TV more.

    I completely LOVE James Roday. He's not the most well-known person on TV, but he really should be. His acting is genuine and earnest, and fits whatever person he's protraying very well. I would absolutely love to see him on tv more, or at least get more movie spots. My favorite tv show currently on television is absolutely PSYCH (starring James Roday) and one of the main reasons i like the show, is it's cast. I adore the acting style and especially James's performance. It makes me extremely proud to watch the show, and then announce that it is my favorite. Thanks for reading
  • This show is brilliant APSOULTILY BRILLIANT. No way around it. this show is worth watching every week. The way the cast works and the way the writters write the stories for the shows even make it better.

    The show is GREAT! no words around it. This show is worth watching every weekend. I just don't know if it is the cast or the script or how they are writing them, but something iis going on that makes the show worth watching every week end. It is weird you think the show is wroth watching every week end if i say it enough. Any way i like the just hope it goes on and on and on, for years to become it is that good. OK a little bit of straighting the truth but REAlly it is a great shows.
  • Adorable and talented

    I think James is very talented and adorable! I love his character as Shawn Spencer. He's hilarious, witty, hot, and he plays the part very well in my opinion. I haven't met a person yet that doesn't like Pscyh. My sister is hooked now! I hope Psych stays on the air for years to come. He is one of my favorite actors on TV. I would love to see him on the big screen...but in a comedy. I wonder too if he is anything like his character. He and Gus make a great pair. I wish him luck in his career.
  • I think I love him more with every moment. Just too adorable for words, Roday is definitely pivotal in retaining my residency in 12yr old girl land! Just a little bit delicious, and a lot hilarious, the smile is plastered on my face at the thought of him.

    I just watched what I understand to be Roday's screen test for Psych! He just owned Shawn before he was even cast! I am feeling that since my induction into the joys of tv.com I have only had adoring things to say; I should be writing scathing yet fanastically witty critiques of the talentless freaks that grace our screens so often... and yet with James in my mind i can't actually think of any. His sense of timing is perfect! and the hair? the eyes? that smile? Oh My!
    I haven't actually seen anything else he has been involved in, but this man is certainly my new favourite face. And, to learn that he co-wrote a number of episodes has just added to my adoration. I'm sure I will be back with more to say about this fine man, the more I watch, ooh gotta go, ad break is over!!
  • One of the most talented people. . .

    James Roday is amazing to say the absolute least. He's hilarious, charming, quick-witted, and flat out gorgeous. Not only is James a wonderful actor, but he's a great writer too. Some of the episodes he has written are my absolute favorite episodes of Psych. It's sad that the other shows he was in didn't work out well for him, cause I bet they would have been great, but I'm really glad that out of all of them, Psych did work out. I can't picture anyone else playing Shawn Spencer. His chemistry with the rest of the cast is amazing, especially his chemistry with Dule. I can't wait to see and hear more from him.
  • I'll never undestand how quality actors like James are so underappreciated.

    James is committed with a captial C, I can't remember the last time I've seen an actor so committed. Not only that but he knows his strengths, he is a comedic actor and knows it and that's where he puts his focus and energy. Don't let that fool you though he can carry out the dramatic stuff too. It's just really nice to see an actor who knows his area and works in it instead of trying to be something he isn't. As Shawn Spencer on Psych he is just outstandingly funny, he goes for it at every turn while being both subtle and totally in your face. If you haven't see it watch it, James alone will keep you in stitches.
  • Heh heh... STUBBLE!

    There are sooooo many things to love about James Roday, but I think my favorite is his stubble. And also that he does a good job of portraying Shawn Spencer on Psych. I've heard that he's had other small roles on other shows. It makes me curious to want to see them and how he acts on those shows. He's a big goof ball on Psych. Overall, he's a great actor. I hope he becomes really really famous someday so then everyone will know how cool he is and they will learn to love him and his sexy stubble. >_> I've said too much.
  • Great actor

    I think specially in Psych this actor made a HUGE and HARD caracter. I think not anyone could make that role . It could seem easy but its really hard . The faces , expresions , moves , words everything its hard and looks perfect. I can't see other actor doing that role :D :D :D. Can't talk more about him because i've only seen he on Psych but if i saw him in another show i'll leave my mark here . :) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • An excellent actor with a very bright future...

    I don't know how long Psych will last (hopefully several more years) but I feel strongly that James Roday will have a lot of success after Psych. He is just amazing on the show and I'd like to see him do some more acting outside of Psych (not like his small Dukes Of Hazzard role). Psych is just a great show and I think that James Roday complements the cast and vice versa. They all bring out the best in each other. I was very impressed with James in season one but season two has the character of Shawn taking on even more dimensions. I love how Shawn is a total goofball but still can be serious when he has to. Roday does an excellent job with this character.

    James Roday is also a very good writer, having co-written a couple of Psych episodes. I've enjoyed each episode immensely and I hope he'll contribute more in the future.
  • empty

    Freakin' love the dude! One of the few remaining convincing actors that know how to tell a story. Dule and James make be believe that they knew eachother from the booger days. Keep it up bro's
  • Although I never saw him before Psych, i was quick to love James Roday

    After a couple of episodes of Psych I quickly fell in love with the show and the characters. I had never seen James Roday before this, but his acting skills were quick to please. Now I'm a big fan of James Roday in Psych. He and Dule Hill do great in it. It got popular fast, because it really is a great show. And they are really great actors. James Roday doesn't actually have much in common with his character, but the way he acts doesn't look like acting. It kind of looks like a lifestyle. He's great. Underappreciated even, and I'm glad he got this chance for Psych. He really helps to build the show.
  • James Roday is perfect for the role of fake psychic on USA's Psych.

    This guy deserves to have a show like Psych. He's funny and meshes together well with Dule Hill. Some of the funny things he says end up being some of my favorite catch phrases to use (for away messages on aol instant messenger and whatnot). I really didn't think Psych was gonna be that great when I watched the promo for it a few months before it premiered but now I have to see this show every friday along with Monk, another favorite of mine. I hope James Roday sticks with this character and show for many many years to come.
  • Very good actor and with lots of promise!

    After a string of failed tv shows and a career
    That seemed to be going nowhere, finally he has hit
    The big time with the tv show Pysch and I think
    That this show will do for him in what Monk did
    For Tony Shalhoub. Again a great and funny actor with lots of talent and being funny!