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  • James Roday wrote AND directed AND starred in my all-time favorite episode of Psych, which is one of my all-time favorite television shows ever. Is there anything he can't do?

    James Roday is not Shawn Spencer. Solely by watching interviews, it is blatantly obvious that Roday is a very calm guy, and he almost appears to be shy. That's what makes it so amazing that he plays one of the most energetic and outlandish characters on television today. Roday is absolutely amazing on the screen, and he seems like a stand-up guy off-screen as well.

    On top of his performances, Roday has written and co-written several episodes for Psych, and it is no coincidence that those episodes happen to be my favorites. He is so talented when it comes to developing plots around a theme, like the horror movie "Tuesday the 17th" or the ode to Hitchcock "Mr. Yin Presents." These two episodes, along with a few others, also happened to be directed by Roday. His approach to directing is really unique since most actors-turned-directors don't know enough to have a variety of shots and perspectives, but Roday's work on Psych makes it look like he was born to direct. But if directing was all he ever did, it would be a real loss to those of us who love acting and writing skill, so I've very grateful that he has managed to do a little bit of everything, and so amazingly well!