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    • James: (On his character Shawn) He suffers a little bit from foot-in-mouth disease. He sees this "opportunity in the moment" with the police and rather than sort of come clean now, he's challenged by the whole charade: "For how long can I possibly keep this up?" I think that's the kind of stuff that drives him. A lot of people wonder about that, saying the premise is kind of thin and what's the point. But I honestly think he's aware of how thin it is, and that's what's exciting for him. It's like a game.

    • James: (When asked if conning comes natural to him like it does to his character Shawn) I'm going to have to say no. I try to live my life with the "honesty is the best policy" philosophy.

    • James: (On his Psych character) I wish there were more of Shawn in me. I have a lot of respect for people who live from moment to moment and go places on a whim.

    • James: (On being on cable rather than network television) I'm not sure if it's totally because we're on a cable show, or the right guy created the right show, but... I think we have a little more room to breathe on a cable show. You don't have to come out of the gates bringing in 'X millions of viewers.' You actually get a chance to find your legs, which never happens on a network. The dynamic is a little easier going, a little looser. You can actually put your focus on the creative stuff rather than numbers.

    • James: (On Psych) I just want everything to be bigger, better, badder and funnier, you know? The challenge is to not become complacent, and to keep coming up with inventive ways to make people laugh.

    • James: (On who he would like to play his mom on Psych) I would love to get somebody that sort of falls into the niche of what we do, which is: everybody that works on the show or has anything to do with the show has either grown up during the eighties or was a teenager in the eighties. I think if we can find somebody who was relevant during that time that would be fun. But mostly, I just want it to be a good actress.

    • James: (On the sucess of Psych) I think everyone remembers having their lifelong friends. And having a childhood dream that you get a chance to live out. It's like being a kid in a candy store. That's what I think. But really I have no idea. There are shows out there that are great with no viewer ship and there are shows that are not so great that get good ratings.

    • James: (On his Psych costar Dule Hill) The first time we met we clicked. Singing old eighties songs. We're different, but we have similar vibes.

    • James: (About a recent shopping trip with his girlfriend for his Vancouver apartment) We were at the store, and she's like, 'There's a lot of great frozen stuff that you can heat up in 10 minutes.' I'm like, 'You know what, I don't have a microwave, so it's kind of pointless. So we got home -- and I've been in this place for a week already -- it's not just a microwave, it's right above the stove, in the middle of the kitchen. It's almost as big as the stove itself.

    • James: (concerning if he believes in psychics) Sure. Of course there are charlatans, but I definitely believe there are people with real psychic abilities.

    • James: (On the current success of Psych) What's happening right now feels real dreamy, and I'm hoping I don't wake up anytime soon.

    • James: (on the pilot of Psych) I think they spent as much money digitally correcting the pilot because of all the rain we were fighting, that it probably ended up costing just about the same as if we were shooting in Los Angeles.

    • James: (on the Psych character Gus) I don't think Gus is a sidekick at all. Without him, Shawn can't do what he does. He's like an encyclopedia of useless knowledge,that oddly becomes useful every week. It's that Gus thing. With each episode, we're learning about another kind of subculture that Gus is into.

    • James: (On his birthname) My look didn't match my name.