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    • James: (on his "Days Of Our Lives" character, EJ) I think EJ is somebody who's edgy. He suffers from an overbearing father that's hard to please and he hasn't had much love in his life. I think he developed this exterior of this super-cool guy who's a little bit Teflon. I don't think that's who he is; that's how he has survived.

    • James: (on the hardest thing about living in another country) There's a homesickness for England. They say the British and the Americans are people separated by a common language. But socially, culturally, in every way, it could not be more different.

    • James: Helen Mirren and Judi Dench are both actors I admire very much. With Helen Mirren, how you can be that secy at that age, I don't know! You're having the most impure thoughts about her - but not when she's in The Queen! They're great actors. They come from an old school of acting. I think they're very real. It's interesting to watch; their characters are so incredibly deep. They're very committed.

    • James: (asked how he developed an interest in acting) Watching television when I was growing up I always had some strange knowledge at an early age that I would end up on television. Maybe everybody has that. Some people follow through, and some people don't.

    • James: (on moving to Los Angeles from London) I have a nice life here. Generally, I'm really not a big fan of cities, but I have to say living in London was always very pleasant. it's a city like no other, certainly not any American city, with the possible exception of maybe Portland.

    • James: (on doing his screen test with Alison Sweeney for "Days Of Our Lives") Ali seems to be one of the most delightful people I've ever met. But I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to kiss. I practiced with a pillow for nothing!

    • James: (on hearing the news that he would be joining "Days Of Our Lives") I'm fantastically excited. Days is a tremendous show and I'm really looking forward to joining the cast.