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  • Let's go back to the way he was

    The character Alan Shore is always entertaining but I long for the Alan Shore pulled so many funny stunts. I liked the man who hired hookers to sleep with a defendant so you get blackmail him later. Or the man that handed out $100 bills to guys to join in a bar room brawl.
    The current Alan Shore is becoming a little less "wild" and thus, to those who remember him from The Practice, becomes a little less entertaining.
    Don't get me wrong, I still watch the show every week and the writers still give him some of the funniest lines of the show each week. I just remember when....
  • empty

    Spader Does an great job as Alan Shore and Boston legel and did a great job as the first DR. Jackson in Stargate A+ actor
  • Great Actor, James Spader can do it all, since being a policeman to an outstanding anti-hero Lawyer.

    James Spader is amazing. He is the kind of actor who can make us laugh, cry and think. Since the middle 80's we have seen him doing great jobs for movies and television. But for me, his best acting came i the last season of the popular show: The practice.

    There he played a really smug lawyer who entered the law firm after he was fired from his last job for embezling. There Spader showed his great power for comedy, and his even greater power for drama. His convincing acting made him the winner of the emmy award for most outstanding actor in a drama serie, and now in Boston Legal he is showing the world what he can really do, and still makes us laugh, cry and think.
  • The blacklist!

    The black list is such a wonderfully thought-out series. Makes for great addictive viewing. My best actor of course, is "Red". Liz is wonderful. "Tom" really looks German. It's a great show any day!
  • Missed him when he was gone ... now he's back!

    Well done Jimmy, you certainly are making the role in 'The Blacklist' your own! Couldn't think of anyone better to play that role. Ep 9 - 'to sleep like a boy' ... wow!
  • We're sure going to miss these guys!

    Seeing the best show on TV end has been sad for us. We understand the desire to "go out on top" but now what can we watch that will give us the same kind of enjoyment? David Kelley has given us another gem in TV history. James Spader and William Shatner and their supporting cast will never be replaced and we can only hope they'll resurface on new shows. There won't be any that will top Boston Legal, but we'll at least see some of the best talent still. GOod luck to them all and "Job Well Done"!
  • Great Job to all the cast and writers! GREAT WRITERS I APPLAUD THEM!

    I normally don't watch T.V, We have cable for my children being a single mom there is so much for me to do that t.v hasn't been near my list, I began to use my DVR to record all the shows and I LOVE IT! I was sad to hear they cancelled it.Great Job James! The relationship he and "Denny Crane" have is one anyone would embrace and want in thier own life I have enjoyed every episode I have watched since I have utilized my DVR and I have watched 3 qtrs of all the episodes and I applaud your acting!
  • James Spader is absolutely amazing! He deserves so much more recognition that he gets now.

    James Spader is probably one of my favorite actors on television today.

    From the first time I saw him in films such as Rip in Less Than Zero, to Lee Woods in 2 Days in the Valley, to the oh-so-sadomasochistic E. Edward Grey in Secretary, and then on television as the character-of-all-characters, Alan Shore first on The Practice and now on Boston Legal... He has been simply amazing! The way Alan Shore and William Shatner's Denny Crane character interact together is brilliant.

    I feel that James has been so underrated in his career. Plus, the fact that he does not feel he has to prove himself is commendable.

    I hope he has a very long and prosperous career.
  • Quirky, Gifted, Substantial

    Ahhh Mr. Alan Shore. Coming from Sex, Lies and Videotape through the Stargate to be the person we love most on Tuesday nights. I have followed James through a lengthy career of offbeat movies, interesting characters and a host of fantastic diatribes. While my favorite role of his was his portrayal of Dr. Daniel Jackson in Stargate, I am constantly intrigued by him in his role as Alan Shore. James shows an incredible range of talent. He can go from quirky and smart, to broody and dark, to funny and light. It's absolutely amazing how wonderfully gifted he is. YAY James!
  • Talented

    James Spader is one of my favorite actors> I think he one of the greatest actors of all time. He is the only reaosn I watch Boston Legal. I mean its a great show withint it self but he just make it that much better and makes me want to watch every Tuesday and watch it like instead of recording on my DVR and watch it if theres nothing better to do like I do a lot of shows that are not as good ro even close to Boston Legal. Which brings me to his character Alan I love Alan and Denny and Shirley and think they all make the show and its great.
  • Personal favorite and great!

    Finally after years of being a supporting player, James Spader breaks out of being also the bad guy and being the anti-hero Alan Shore in both The Practice and in Boston Legal currently as he is a great actor but it has taken years and years to finally get recognized for his dues. Also puts the sex in Boston Legal as well!
  • James has finally made it

    It is great to see James Spader getting his due on Boston Legal since he is a wonderful actor who is unfortunately often remembered as the jerk from Pretty in Pink. Probably one of his better roles, but lesser known has to be the movie "Dream Lover" which to my delight recently came out on DVD. If you are a James Spader fan this is a must film to watch.
  • Why yes he is rather HOT isn't he. He's an extremely talented person, the best!

    James Spader is so sexy! My favorite role of all time that he did was Stargate (he was most sexy in it)! That's the movie I first saw him, I thought he was someone else. I think Mr. Lawrence, who does the voice of Plankton on SpongeBob SquarePants, is the cutiest guy on the face of the Earth! And he looks sooooo much like James when he was in Stargate that I thought it was Mr. Lawrence!
    After watching it I found that he, of course, wasn't Mr. Lawrence I tried to find out more about him. And found that James is cute in EVERYTHING he does. If any of you guys know who Mr. Lawrence is and have seen him, and have seen Stargate; you will see a resemblence.
    Oh yeah, they are sooooo HOT!!!!!
  • I think that James Spader is one-of-a-kind. He is soo HOT to me. I love him.

    I think that James Spader is hooot. I think he plays his character in Boston Legal really well. I think for me he is my guilty pleasure. I love he. He plays in many movies where he is the bad guy, but I love that about he. I think that his is really funny. And I hope to see he again. I think he is one-of-a-kind. I find that appealing to me. I think is a classic from Pretty in Pink to Boston Legal. I love him even more.