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James Sutton

James Sutton


1/31/1983, Sutton Coldfield, England

Birth Name

James Cook


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James Cook, uses a stage name of James Sutton, has always wanted to become an actor since a very young age. After attending stage school he finally landed his first tv roles.

Sutton studied drama at the Royal Weld College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

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    • James: Acting gives you the chance to be something that may be so different from yourself and this is a fantastic achievement less than a year after graduating from drama school – awesome.

    • James: I think it's from when you're little and playing pretend – it's so much fun that why stop?

    • James: It's strange being labelled as one of the Hollyoaks hunks, but it can't be bad

    • James: It's funny as Nicole is very similar to my own mum. She even tells me off when i'm misbehaving on set. Myra definitely has her hands full being a mum to us lot but she handles it really well. She deserves a break today - but she'd better enjoy it while she can!

    • James: My agent told me before I went for the first casting, so I was aware that it was a gay part. And that was quite exciting for me because, i've never played a gay character before.

    • James: People have approached me in the street to tell me off for treating poor Hannah so badly. But they understand the heartbreak John Paul's going through. I find myself constantly defending him, it's like he's my baby!

  • James Sutton is one of Britains best young up & coming actors.

    Over the last few months since seeing him in Hollyoaks as John Paul McQueen, James Sutton has become one of favourite actors on the small screen. He's shown how versatile he is to the roles he plays. And he's shown how he can put a lot of emotion into the role that you really believe the character he's playing.

    In Hollyoaks James has shown such talent in his role as John Paul that he should win an award for best newcomer. He should win this award because, he's made the character so easy to relate to and has really shown how hard it is for a young teenager to come to terms with their sexuality and kept a lot of the realism in this storyline along with the great writing of the Hollyoaks team.

    James has definitely proved himself as being one of Britain’s best young & talented actors, who gives a lot to an audience through his hard work, which is really rare in this day & age.moreless