James Taylor





3/12/1948 , Boston, Massachusetts

Birth Name

James Vernon Taylor




James Taylor is a prime example of the sensitive singer/songwriters that came to fame in the 1970s. Born to a wealthy family, Taylor formed bands with friends and his brother, Alex while still in his teens. After undergoing treatment for severe depression, and while addicted to heroin, Taylor moved to London and scored a contract with the Beatles\' Apple Records in 1968 as their only solo artist. His first album was not a success and Taylor returned to the US and found some help to beat his addiction at the Austin Riggs Mental Institution. Meanwhile, the producer who had signed James at Apple Records left the company and came to the US. He secured a contract for Taylor at Warner Brothers Records and Taylor recorded his first hit album, Sweet Baby James, using many songs he had written while at the mental institution. Taylor has continued to record and tour, earning 40 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards and 5 Grammy Awards over the years. As of 2007 James lives in Massachusetts with his wife Caroline and their sons Rufus and Henry.