James Tupper

James Tupper


8/4/1965, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

James Howard Tupper


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James Tupper was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was recently voted one of US Magazine's "10 Sexiest Men on TV." When he was in High School, he participated in a Student Exchange program which took him to East Africa near the foothills of Mt. Kenya. He spent…more


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    • James Tupper: I've done a few other love scenes. Although I will say this, I thought it was the hottest I've been involved in. It is a glorious day when you can wake up and get to kiss Anne Heche as your job.

    • James Tupper: All my friends and family say the same thing to me. They say, "Oh my goodness, you've earned this. You've really earned this break." It's funny, man. You work 15 years to get a lucky break one day.

  • one word AZOME!!!!

    i luv him in men in tree is is realy talented he is really fine too really lke his hair anyways im surprised i havent seen him on anything esle but he is super talened, oh yeah i like the role he plays in men in trees he like a umm a guy who doesnt really want to take a chance with the new girl in town because of his last wife but then later he usally sleeps with her about 4 or 5 time in the next seasons, also he is one of america's top 2o sexiest guys and its true he is sexiest there anit no argument bout itmoreless
  • This is a very talented actor.....not only talented but very good looking and makes his character believable

    Men in Trees is my favorite new show. I cannot believe I had never seen James Tupper before in anything. He makes the show well worth watching. Not only is he terribly good looking, his voice is fabulous. If he would do an audible novel I would buy it even if I wasn't interested in the story line. I can only hope there are more people like me who is scared the show will be taken off and I will be terribly disappointed. I wish I could buy every episode so far. I think I would watch Men In Trees even if he wasn't on it because I do enjoy everyone but, oh, goodness, it would be not be near as interesting without him.moreless