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James Van Der Beek


James Van Der Beek Fan Reviews (2)

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    James Van Der Beek got his start on The WB's teen drama, "Dawson's Creek," in which he played the starring role. This start in as a television actor soon led to his landing roles in such movies as "Varsity Blues" and "The Rules of Attraction" to name a few. He's proven that he can pull off the serious/dramatic roles, but I'd really like to see him try to act in a comedy.
  • James Van Der Beek is great!

    James Van Der Beek was great as the aspiring film director and title character Dawson Leery in Dawson's Creek. I really enjoyed James' portayal of the character. He was also great in Varsity Blues, the Texas high school football movie. I would really like to see him as a regular on a tv show again soon, in a more adult role.