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James Wan is from Perth, Australia of Chinese Ethnicity. He was born in Kuching, Malaysia, but grew up in Perth. Wan is best known for the 2004 horror/thriller Saw which he made with Leigh Whannell, whom he met while in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Before that he…more


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    • James Wan: It truly did come out of us wanting to make a really cheap film. After years of trying to get a film off the ground, we realized no one was give us any money to make a film with. So we decided to sit down, write our own script, and see if we could fund it ourselves. And seriously, it was the idea, Saw, really came out of that frustration.

    • James Wan: The original idea was that we'd make a really cheap low budget film that we could put our own money into, kind of like Clerks or El Mariachi. But first, we needed a film idea! Something that was very cheap and do-able with very little money.

    • James Wan: That was part of my aesthetic that I was going for. I wanted to make the film really claustrophobic, and one way I was going to do that was, every time we go to a new location, I'm not going to set it up using an establishing shot. You don't see a house, and then cut to the inside of the house. You cut to inside, to inside, to inside.

  • He is a very talented director who makes excellent horror/thriller movies!

    James Wan is VERY talented. Even though I've only seen SAW and SAW 2 by him, I'm sure is up coming film, Silence, will be great. He is also very handy at building things for his movies i.e. Billie the puppet and the Jaw Trap. He gives alot to his fans, too. He is on houseofjigsaw talking to his fans, which I think is great.