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James Wong worked on many Science-Fiction projects, and became well-known for becoming a The X-Files' Writer, Director, Consulting Producer, and Co-Executive Producer. He also worked on some major television series projects such as Millennium and Space: Above and Beyond.
He has been working with his friend, Glen Morgan for almost every single movie and television series that he had a role in.
Wong won many awards for his contribution to "The X-Files", such as the Universe Reader's Choice Award at the 1995 Sci-Fi Universe Magazine for "Best Writing for a Genre TV Series". He was nominated for a few, like the 1997 Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series" and "Outstanding Drama Series" (which was shared amongst other crew members). X-Files was also nominated for the Emmys "Outstanding Drama Series" in 1995.
He made major movie projects, such as "Final Destination" and "The One", which had amazing special effects and were really successful.