Jameson Parker





11/18/1947 , Baltimore, Maryland

Birth Name

Francis Jameson Parker Jr.




Jameson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother was a writer of short stories and his father was a career foreign service officer, so he spent most of his childhood overseas, living at least two years each in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. His dad eventually left the State Department to become the curator of a museum in Virginia.

Jameson entered Beloit College in Wisconsin where he studied drama and joined the swim team. While in Washington, D.C. for knee surgery, he landed a job with a production of The Great White Hope at the Arena Stage, and went on to act in theatrical productions of Caligula and Indians. After completing his degree at Beloit, he returned to Washington, where he performed in dinner theater and summer stock.

In 1972, he moved to New York, secured several television commercials and appeared in off Broadway plays before being cast as Dale Robinson in the daytime drama, Somerset. He later created the original Brad Vernon on One Life To Live.

Jameson made his motion picture debut in The Bell Jar and also starred in A Small Circle Of Friends. Another film to his early acting career was a controversial Samuel Fuller film, White Dog, in addition, he played the leads in the following CBS Television movies: A Caribbean Mystery, Women At West Point, Anatomy of a Seduction, The Promise of Love, Callie and Son and The Gathering II and has guest-starred on the ABC series, Family and Hart to Hart.

Jameson was quite busy during his hiatus from Simon & Simon. He co-produced and co-starred in an action adventure feature film shot on location in Arizona. After completing his movie, he returned to his alma mater, Beloit College, to star in a live summer stock theatrical production, playing Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof to raise funds for the school's drama department.

Jameson has been known to collect books for his voluminous library; he is an addicted reader and was brought up to enjoy reading. In his early career he enjoyed playing polo and kept physically fit by boxing and karate, in which he earned a black belt, and enjoys baking bread.

He has often stated that he was not the typical Hollywood type, that he was very much a homebody. It probably stems from his early childhood where he saw most of the capitals of Europe during his fathers foreign service, where he saw lots of boarding schools and claims to have attended 10 in 13 years and being bounced out of two. In fact, it was in the year off he acted and worked in production at the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. His actual first big break came in a commercial for a breath mint.

Jameson was married in college and the marriage produced a daughter, Amye. After his divorce he met the former Bonnie Dottley. That marriage ended in 1992 and produced three children: Francis Jameson III, Christian Buchanon and Katherine. Jameson's present wife is actress Darleen Carr.

Among other credits, he appeared in Walker, Texas Ranger, Major Dad and other TV movies, Who Is Julia, Dead Before Dawn, Violation Of Trust. He appeared in American Justice with his Simon co-stars Gerald McRaney and Jeannie Wilson.