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  • Great actor! He had perfect chemistry with Gerald McRaney in Simon & Simon. Right now I am very much enjoying his hunting show on OLNTV called, The Bird Hunter's Journal.

    I first laid eyes on Jameson Parker on Simon & Simon. I think he was perfect as AJ and had great chemistry with his co-star, Gerald McRaney. This soon became my favorite show of all time mainly because of that chemistry.
    I'm not sure why Mr. Parker didn't appear on tv too much after Simon & Simon, and it makes no sense to me. I did enjoy him very much in the episodes he did on Major Dad and Promised Land. It was soooooo good to see him and McRaney together again...if only for a while.
    I also read "An Accidental Cowboy" and loved it. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Parker.
  • Many of us know Jameson Parker for his role as A.J. Simon, and many of his other guest starring roles, but few know of the talented and published author he is.

    He wrote a book called "An Accidental Cowboy" which recounts his life after Simon & Simon, and how he was shot by a neighbor leaving him in the depths of despair. He takes the reader on a very personal journey of the struggles he endured and how he ran up into cattle country, learning how to become a part time cowboy while coping with his personal demons.
    A memoir, a laugh, a cry, and finally, an understanding of where this man with the unknown story to tell has been!

    Other Reported Facts About Jameson

    His family roots on both sides go all the way back to the British royal family.

    He has a degree in English and Drama

    He drove a cab while living in Northern Virginia.

    He worked at odd jobs before his acting career, a thief catcher in a bookstore, a waiter, and a clerk in a book publishing house.

    His mother was the daughter of famed newspaper columnist Mark Sullivan (his grandfather)
    He won "Sandoz-Jeffs" Companion Animal Shelter Award in the Dog Writer's Assoc. Writing Contest for his article "Eulogy"

    ....his first commercial was for Dentine Dynamints

    .....he turned to acting after he broke his knee jumping out a window on the 3rd floor of a girl's dormitory, he left school for a year.

    ....he was a student of Warren Robertson's acting school.

    ......Jameson did a play "A Day's Grace" at the AMDA Theatre in New York, it was directed by his former acting teacher Warren Robertson.

    ..he appeared in a variety of stock and repertory productions, including "Equus" at the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Florida.

    ......he played "Charlie" in "Charlie's Aunt" in New York Theater.

    ..while in New York, he also did "The Philanthropist"

    ......"Another Part of the Forest"

    ......"The Owl and the Pussycat"

    ...."Present Laughter"


    ....."I am a Camera"

    ....."The Winter's Tale"

    ....and.."Oh Wilderness"

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