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    • Jamey Sheridan: In my case, Deakins has been trying to lose weight for 10 years. He's avoiding that bad Irish food, the mashed potatoes and corned beef. He's doing the granola and salad thing, and he hates it.

    • Jamey Sheridan: (reference to the 9-11 Terrorist Attack in New York) We didn't get back to shooting for several months after that day. But I couldn't wait to talk to the guys on the real life major case squad. I was dying to know how they were doing.

    • Jamey Sheridan: Television allows for survival, which is the basic issue for me. You have to decide how much money is enough. You can't get carried away with the hunt for money. But there are times it shows up, and you need to grab it, and that allows you to hunt for a better script.