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  • i love everything she's ever been in

    The Bottom Line: "One of the all-time greats"
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    Jami Gertz is a great actress. I love her as Judy Miller in Still Standing. She is hilarious! I know her character was spoiled, but still a great mother to her kids. She cracked me up with her lines on the show, like when she calls Bill an idiot and teases him. That is funny, not to mention really cute! My favorite line was "You're not so much arm candy as you are filled with candy." That was so funny! I also saw her in the movie Fighting the Odds, and she was AMAZING!!! That was one powerful movie about a brave woman who turns a group of troubled teens into a circle of friends who were more able to handle their problems at home with their abusive parents. That was an amazing movie! I also saw her in Lost Holiday. That was great too! Loved it! She is a totally awesome actress, and she is funny in real life too! I saw an interview video of her, and she was hilarious! Rock on Jami!