Jamia Simone Nash

Jamia Simone Nash


8/21/1996, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Birth Name

Jamia Simone Nash



Also Known As

Jamia Nash, Jamia Nash
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Jamia Simone Nash was born on August 21st 1996 in Virginia Beach, Virginia (Currently resides in Atlanta). She first started singing when she was just 2 years old, and was discovered when she was 5, after winning the Apollo Kids Talent Search Competition at Atlanta's Gwinnett Place Mall.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • My thoughts of Jamia Nash

    Jamia Nash you are AWESOME....After watching you perform on Showtime at the Apollo I know you're going far in life...You brought tears to my eyes because I didn't expect your voice to be so mature...You're such a beautiful girl, and you seem to have passion for what you do...God took his time with you because he wanted every part of you to be just right, and he did a wonderful job...You're an inspiration, and there should be more individuals like you...I know your parents have a lot to be proud of...I'll never forget your performance...I can already see you receiving your star in HOLLYWOOD...Good luck gorgeous, and I'd love to meet you one day!moreless
  • She is so adorable and has a great singing abilty

    Jamia Simone Nash is a great young singer full of talent and she may not be that known yet but give her a few more years and she may be the the next american idol! I don't think i've ever heard a young girl with that much singing experience before!