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  • I ♥ Jamie!

    I really love Jamie, and not just because he`s hot (But that`s a major plus.)

    He really is a talented actor. I first saw him on Battlestar Galactica as cpt. Adama. That role, in my opinion, seems like a difficult one. But Jamie, oh he does a fine job! He`s able to give so much dimension to his character.He adds complexity and has a way of defining his different relations with different people. And, might I add, he looks very handsome while doing so. His heart is in his role. And that is rarity not found in today`s actors and actresses. ♥
  • wow

    ths guy is handsome, smart he does one great job playing Apollo, I love this new version of BSG, and this comes from a die hard 70's BSG fan but the acting the storylines are so good and Jaime is so far above average . I love him..he is now Apollo and that takes a bit for a 70's child
  • A great actor! Very expressive, and intreging.

    He is a great actor! Very expressive, and intreging. He does a grerat job as Lee (apollo) on Battlestar Galactica. I think that he will become a really big Actor some day in the near future. He is extremely talented. In my opinion his work is definatly worth watching! He`s awsome!
  • Jamie Bamber is an extremely talented actor. Many actors with good looks such as his play very shallow characters with no depth. Bamber has displayed his acting prowess with shows such as Battlestar Galactica. He has the versatility to become exceptional.

    Jamie Bamber is an extremely talented actor. Many individuals who look as he does would use their looks to their advantage, whether or not they had any acting talent. Bamber has displayed the versatility to act well in shows such as Battlestar Galactica. His ability to play the serious and determined character in Lee "Apollo" Adama has shown me his ability to act is exceptional. Few others would be able to portray such a character so well, and that has earned Jamie Bamber my support as a fan of Battlestar Galactica. Eventually, I hope he will be able to have his own show which will be as good as Battlestar Galactica. He deserves more recognition for his talent.
  • Very expressive actor who can speak volumes with just a look.

    I'm not sure that this actor has really ever been used to his full potential although BSG seem to be doing a better job of stretching him than previous roles I've seen him in.

    ....and that self-deprecating smile is a real knee wobbler..

    I'm waiting to see if the Kara/Lee relationship, toyed with in the first season (and teased in the first half of season 2) is given anymore depth in the second half of season 2.