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    • Jamie Bamber: (speaking of his most important professional accomplishment) My first theatre lead as Prince Hal in Henry IV i and ii at the Bristol Old Vic. It has always been my boyhood dream to be a classical stage actor and I would love to do more.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on his casting for Battlestar Galactica ) I was doing an English series that I didn't like. My then girlfriend was pregnant and the future was a bit scary! I went to LA for two weeks and it was the first script my manger gave me to read. I cringed at the idea of the remake but the script knocked me sideways. Five auditions later, on the eve of my flight home I had the part. Best night of my life, almost!

    • Jamie Bamber: (on how he spends his spare time in Vancouver) I play with the kids, go running along the beachfront pushing my young twins in our off-road buggy. We play golf, ski occasionally, visit cousins and enjoy the West Coast cuisine and lifestyle. It is a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on accents) I always get asked how I lose my accent for the show and it's just an interesting turn of phrase because I would say I gain an accent rather than lose mine. Americans don't seem to view their own accent as an accent. There's a sense that's the base neutral accent for the world and that's complete bollocks as far as I'm concerned.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on Law and Order: UK ) This is something that the Americans have done forever to British shows - they buy the concept. Coupling or The Office or Life On Mars and then they remake it in their own image. We've never had the chance to do the same thing back at them and I think it is very empowering for British TV to be in that position.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on using an American accent in Battlestar Galactica) I love doing accents. With accents you either get it right or fail but it's very scary. I made mistakes all the time. I can hear me through the accent. I wince when I see the original mini-series but I got better with experience.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on the challenge of separating on-screen romance from real life) Part of the job is to create sexual tension with someone on screen. But it's dangerous too, because you can find yourself in situations where art and life start to blend and you have to remember it's not real. You're trying to create some exciting thing for the audience to enjoy, not necessarily for you to enjoy, and that's the challenge.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on filming the show finale to "Battlestar Galactica") It's the best thing I've ever read for TV. Yeah. I mean, I hope it translates, and it comes across, and it's not just us, because we're so involved. But I had tears in my eyes, and the thing is, [series creator] Ron [Moore] wrote it on his own, without really any collaboration, and it's sublime.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on his disappointment with "Ultimate Force") ... they were just interested in caricature really, they weren't really interested in really fleshing out what this experience would be. These guys all live in a tiny community in Hereford, which is in the middle of nowhere, and it's fascinating, dramatic concept, but they sensationalized it and made it hokey I thought.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on what he likes to do when he isn't acting) I play golf every now and then. I have always been a very sporty person. I played a lot of rugby to a fairly high standard. I don't play rugby anymore because it would be risky, but I play touch rugby with friends. I go to the theatre, travel, and read a lot. I'm very sociable and I like going out. I love being with actors and creative people. I go to see exhibitions. I love living in a big city and exploring and tapping into different kinds of creativity and going to see bands.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on what else he could do if he wasn't acting) I have no idea. I think about that every now and then. Any suggestions would be welcome. I really haven't thought about doing anything else. I studied languages at Cambridge. I got a degree in French and Italian and people say I should use those but my argument is that I use those all the time when I go to France and Italy and I open my mouth.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on working with the "Battlestar Galactica" cast) I like to work with everyone. It's a really nice bunch of people, and everyone brings a lot to their particular roles. And the more people you work with the more interesting each day is.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on Battlestar Galactica fans) I've spoken to a few fans and I've found them amazingly respectful and enthusiastic. Occasionally I get curious so I go on the internet and the general gist seems to be positive. Some people really hate it, which I find amusing, and other times I see their point.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on the first Battlestar Galactica series) I was [a fan] in the sense that a five-year-old kid can be a fan. I loved the effects and it had cool chicks. I didn't have a very mature take on it.

    • Jamie Bamber: (on working on Battlestar Galactica) It's been kind of amazing. For a guy from London to get over there and work with amazing American actors in Vancouver and LA has been great. The writing is surprising and different.

    • Jamie Bamber: (On his role as Apollo in Battlestar Galactica) I think I have a sense of responsibility that he has, to try to do the right thing, a sort of innate wanting to please people around you.

    • Jamie Bamber: I'm from the right side of the tracks in London, so I'd like to play someone from the other side of the tracks, a real cockney geezer, which in England, nobody ever casts me as, because they always think of me as very refined. I would love to get down and dirty and play somebody from Liverpool and working class and shoot guns and do naughty things.