Jamie Brooksby

Jamie Brooksby


6/28/1983, Western Australia

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Jamie Brooksby



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Jamie Brooksby is a personal trainer in Western Australia and was in Big Brother Australia 2006.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In April 2007 Jamie told New Weekly magazine that he was currently writing a book about his experience of winning Big Brother.

    • In March 2007, Jamie was interviewed in Zoo Weekly magazine and boasted that he's "probably spent about $100,000 on booze and stuff" since he won the sixth season of Big Brother, pocketing more than $400,000. Jamie later claimed he had exaggerated.

    • Jamie confirmed in September 2006 that he and fellow Big Brother housemate/girlfriend Katie had split.

    • Although he showered regularly, Jamie only washed his clothes once during his 100-day stay in the Big Brother house. And the sheets and towels got so disgusting after the housemates refused to wash them that BB was forced to replace all the linen.

    • Jamie's personal motto is: "It'll be alright on the night."

    • Jamie describes himself as "Quirky, original, player."

    • Katie, Jamie's fellow Big Brother housemate, was his girlfriend while they were in the house, and for a brief time following the show.

    • Jamie defeated Camilla Halliwell in the final 2 of Big Brother Australia in 2006 by a vote of 53%-47%.

  • Quotes

    • Jamie: (on breaking up with fellow BB HM, Katie) I don't think I've done anything exceptionally wrong. Basically, for me it was, 'Let's just see how things go'. I wasn't a fan of putting too much pressure on the relationship, because we were getting a lot of external pressure anyway. Katie was basically 'It's a yes or a no'. And, you know, it all comes down to whether I was going to say 'Yes definitely for sure' or 'No'. And I wasn't prepared to do either, so it sort of dragged out a bit and I guess, as time went on, no, we haven't seen much of each other it sort of became a 'No'.

    • Jamie: (on life with Katie outside the Big Brother house) Having sex is such a big step regardless of cameras and there has to be a lot of talking before anything like that happens. That's why the future might be rosy, but there's a lot of hurdles to jump before we get to the finishing line.

    • Jamie: (on life outside the Big Brother house) Oh man, I keep clutching at my neck for this microphone that doesn't exist and thinking we're being watched, but we're not and it's very strange.

    • Jamie: (on pairing up with Katie inside the Big Brother house) Was it love at first sight? Yeah, I think so. Obviously I was attracted to Katie. It wasn't like we got talking - we got laughing. We saw something we both thought was funny and we'd laugh. I love it when I can laugh with someone. I was told the show's producers noticed that we took a shine to each other.