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    • Jamie Chung: (Comparing her character from Dragonball to Samurai Girl) It's a very strong young female role, and her name is Chi Chi. We've finished filming. The martial-arts aspect of the character [is the same as the Samurai Girl character Heaven], but Heaven is something real special. … Chi Chi was a fun character to play, and … it's also a very strong young female, but Heaven has a completely different [backstory] behind her that makes things so much more interesting.

    • Jamie Chung:(About "Samurai Girl") The show is action- packed and full of romance and comedy. I really think everyone is going to find something to relate to while watching it. We've really got something for everyone. I watch the show and I'm really proud of it. I really hope its the next Alias. Really, its sort of a combination of Gossip Girl and Alias.

    • Jamie Chung: (On her training for Samurai Girl) I had about two weeks of tae-kwon-do when I ws younger until I broke my finger. But really, I'm very athletic and we had some really great martial-arts teachers for this. Its all about muscle memory and learning the moves so we worked on them a lot. It worked out really well. What I think I like best are my kicks. I can kick.

    • Jamie Chung: (On her character in Samurai Girl) he's a 19 year old girl named Heaven who's adopted by one of the wealthiest families in Japan. During some tragic events she ends up finding out her family is influenced by the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. In an effort to find out how involved her family is with the mafia, she also discovers that she's a part of some ancient prophecy which leads her to question who she really is and makes her go a journey of self-discovery to find out the truth about herself and where she comes from.