Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis


4/18/1981, Pontefract, England

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Leon Taylor
  • Robbie Gascoigne (Jamie Davis) and Midge...
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Jamie Davis is well known for his role as Harley Lawsen in Footballers Wives as well as Leon Taylor in Hex. He gave up his role in Footballers Wives to play a more active role in Hex and says he does not regret it one bit even though…more


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  • Jamie Davis is a VERY talented actor and he does not get enough credit! His role as Leon in Hex is getting better and better with each episode.

    Jamie Davis does an amazing job of playing the role of Leon in Hex. The first series he didn\'t do much apart from annoy people, but in the new series, he is brilliant. I am very pleased with the way the writers have developed Leon and it just gets better with every week.

    I had not heard of Jamie until I saw Hex (I didn\'t watch Footballers\' Wives) bit after seeing him play Leon so well, I wanted to find out more about him. Sadly there is not much about him on the web, so I have made my own website (www.jamiedavis.org) because I think more people need to know about what a great actor he is!

    If you\'ve not watched Hex before, or know who Jamie is, I really recommend watching an episode of the new series!moreless
  • OMG

    What can I say about Jamie Davis?

    Well, he is absolutely stunning for one lol. However, he is also a really talented actor who should be used more often. He was fantastic on Footballers wives and on Hex he is the loveable rogue hehe. With season 2 of Hex starting I think we are going to see another side of Jamie Davis character Leon so heres hoping he wont die lol. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful career for Jamie Davis with more to see.moreless