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Jamie Farr


Jamie Farr Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Jamie was raised in the Antiochian Orthodox religion.

    • Jamie was awarded with a Gold Angel by the Angel Awards. They are an organization that celebrates those who promotes quality family oriented programming.

    • Jamie has met both Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

    • Instead of being stationed in Korea, Jamie was stationed at Camp Drake at Asaka-machi, Japan to work with Armed Forces Radio.

    • Red Skelton gave Jamie a St. Christopher's medal before going into the military. The inscription reads "God Bless You, Jameel. Your friend, Red Skelton".

    • Prior to being drafted in the military, Jamie owned a Vespa motor scooter. He had to sell it when left for the military.

    • Jamie made his Broadway debut in 1994 in the show Guys & Dolls.

    • Jamie Farr (as character Klinger) mentioned Tony Packo's, a real Toldeo, Ohio restaurant, in over six episodes which includes the two hour long MASH finale.

    • Jamie Farr is a real fan of the Toledo Mud Hens. Just like his MASH character Klinger was.

    • Jamie's favorite comedians growing up were Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Bob Hope and Red Skelton.

    • Jamie performed in Stage West's production of Tuesdays with Morrie in 2011.

    • On July 5, 1998, a park where Jamie used to hang out at when he was younger was renamed the Jamie Farr Park in his honor.

    • On M*A*S*H, Farr's character, Corporal Klinger, had the same hometown as him, which is Toledo.

    • Jamie Farr still works on the Jamie Farr Owens Corning LPGA Classic, as well as does commercials and promotions for the Toledo Mudhens and the Toledo Zoo.

    • Farr was proclaimed a NYAACF (New York Arab-American Comedy Festival) Achievement Honoree in 2005.

    • Jamie Farr received his Doctor of Performing Arts Degree in 1983 at the University of Toledo.

    • Farr is the founder of the Jamie Farr Kroger Classic, a women's golf tournament that is held once every year.

    • Farr is the only M*A*S*H cast member to write an autobiography on their memories of the show. His book was entitled Just Farr Fun.

    • Farr married Joy Ann Richards on February 16, 1963.

    • When Farr began his acting career, he had to work several odd jobs, such as a post office clerk, a delivery man, an Army surplus store clerk, and airlines reservation agent.

    • While working on M*A*S*H, Farr performed on the big-screen in several movies, including Cannonball Run and Cannonball Run II.

    • Farr received a "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the year of 1985.

    • Farr was originally hired for just one day's work on M*A*S*H on the episode "Chief Surgeon Who?" However, Farr was such a success that he was hired to film in more episodes, until he was eventually hired as a full-time cast member for the third season.

    • Farr's first movie debut was in the movie The Blackboard Jungle, where he played the role of Santini, a boy who was mentally disabled.

    • Farr was the only major M*A*S*H character to have actually served in the military.

    • Farr's first acting success at the age of eleven when he won two dollars at a local acting contest.

    • Farr was one of the only four M*A*S*H cast members to appear in all 11 seasons.

  • Quotes

    • Jamie Farr: (on his Walk of Fame star) My star is in front of the Merv Griffin theater. It burned down, and my star is at the entryway of a Bed, Bath and Beyond. That street at one time was really great, that NBC and radio station was across the street, and the CBS radio station was there. They had beautiful restaurants before, but now everything has changed.

    • Jamie Farr: At this point, you may have noticed something about me. I'm a guy who could only make it in this difficult business by being totally professional, suppressing outbursts of ego, being a good team player, learning my lines and sticking to the script.

    • Jamie Farr: Television has taken the charm out of comedy and the romance out of love. They just get right to it now. I loved Frasier. I liked Seinfeld, but I am not a Two and a Half Men person.

    • Jamie Farr: (on his most famous character) I love the character. Being synonymous with a character is a double-edged sword, but you have to live by your past and that is all part of my past and it was a pretty good show.

    • Jamie Farr: I have been with the same woman for 48 years and if my wife ever finds out, I'll be in serious trouble.

    • Jamie Farr: (to a The Royal Canadian Air Force veteran) There is no need to salute me, I was only a corporal.

    • Jamie Farr: I was actually shaking. We were driving through the big iron gates to meet my hero. The guy I'd been listening to since I was a kid. Red took one look at me and asked 'Was your mother scared by an anteater?'"

    • Jamie Farr: (on Toldeo) What a city! We had every nationality there. Greek and Lebanese in my neighbourhood, Jewish in the north end, across from the railroad tracks, Polish at the other end of town, Hungarian in the west end. I used to think everybody looked like me, short with a big nose, until I was old enough to leave the neighbourhood.

    • Jamie Farr: (on life) Hey, sometimes you drink the wine, sometimes you crush the grapes. That's what life is all about.

    • Jamie Farr: You know what's nice about Montreal? Not only is it a beautiful city, but you have Cuban cigars.

    • Jamie Farr: Even in the days when they did Othello, you didn't necessarily have to be black to play Othello. You wore the makeup.

    • Jamie Farr: Children and even adults, when they like certain athletes, they can tell you about their batting average, about where they came from.

    • Jamie Farr: Canadians send us great hockey players. You also send us wonderful performers, from the beginning, with Mary Pickford.

    • Jamie Farr: Canada has given us John Candy and Martin Short and Bill Shatner and Lord knows how many other wonderful performers.

    • Jamie Farr: As I've often said, listen, I'm still here. They've driven a stake through my heart, shot me with a silver bullet, and I'm still around.