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  • Jamie Foxx is a very talented actor and singer. He has starred in shows and movies with some of the greatest actors and actresses.

    Jamie Foxx in my opinion is a very very talented singer and actor. He has stared in movies such as Ray, Any Given Sunday, Breakin All the Rules, Booty Call, Dreamgirls,and more. He has stared in shows such as Jamie Foxx Show and In Living Color. He plays in many different moods and styles of characters. He cares a great deal about his daughter Corrin. Jamie has starred with many talented actors and actresses. He also has song with many very talented singers. To me many people under estimate him.I beleive Jamie Foxx still has a road ahead of him.
  • He's on TV, radio stations and on the big screen.

    Jamie Foxx can be best described as "Talented." He's a comedian, a singer and an actor. To be more specific, he's a very funny comedian, a Grammy nominated singer and an Academy Award winning actor, give or take a few other awards, too. Anything he does, he always gives 110%; his movies are always good, his music is always great and his jokes are always hilarious. Jamie is one of Hollywood's best actors and is able to fill movie theaters; keeps you laughing with his comedy shows and his past TV shows and dancing with his hit songs. To sum it all up, he's talented.
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    Almost, I repeat, almost, everything Jamie Foxx touches turns to gold. Just take a look at his Oscar winning performance in Ray. Foxx is one of those actors that you don't really appreciate until he wins a major award, then popular roles start rolling in the door.
  • well how do I start.............

    Everyone in my family feels that he's my father y because so many people say we look alike........well I don't see it and I don't dislike him cause he is real funny and talented person ( I wish I was a little like him it would be nice :D ). Well since we look so much a like he could send me some money for using my face that would be nice lol naw he had it first ( wait do that means I have to pay him ...... noooooo .) he got to much money now so he can send me a little bit maybe $2,000 so I can pay my $642.78 verizon bill that'll help :D
  • Jamie foxx Is the best actor, singer, and comedian. He was great when he first started on Living Color then when he had his own show called The Jamie Foxx Show. He is very hilarous an has a BAD body for his age. He is the best male-actor on BET.

    When Jamie played "Tookie" on the movie Redemption I couldn't belive how talented he was. This man should be even bigger. He is someone that people should look up to but especially males. Boys now look up to these thugs and ganstas well actually some do but who I think they should be lookin up to is Jamie and other comedians who are very talented.Jamie is an ALL TIME FAVORITE!
  • From televisions to the silver screen, Foxx knows how to make people laugh and sad (in a good way).

    Starting as a stand-up comedian and also in his own show, Jamie Foxx is possibly recognized for his edgy humor, as well as his roles in drama films.

    Although I barely heard of him, I quickly recognized him in such films like "Ray" and "Collateral", both films that have earned him a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

    Knowing the talents he possess, there is no doubt that Foxx success will go on a roll.
  • Extremly Talented. I love him. He's funny, he can act, and he can sing. What more can you ask for?

    Jamie Foxx is very talented. I love that he was on In Living Color. His show, The Jamie Foxx Show, was great. I believe it had a good run. I'm glad it had a finale instead of being concelled like most show. Jamie foxx should continue to be a star. I'm glad he is going into the music industry too.
  • The boy has got talent! The best comedian next to Dave Chapelle, Chris Tucker and Martin Lawerence

    Jamie Foxx is so amazing in so and on so many levels. He is funny and knows how to act plus the boy can really sing on a scale from 1 to 10 on how Jamie Foxx can act I would give him a 9 and for his singing a 10 plus. I listened to his cd that he had and he is beautiful.I love Jamie and nothing is more halarious then his stand up. Which from watching all of them he never changed in his game.