Jamie Kern

Jamie Kern


7/16/1977, San Rafael, California, USA

Birth Name

Jamie Marie Kern


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She enjoys volunteering her time for charity work and has appeared at the "Ronald McDonald Foundation for Children with Cancer" and she also helped produce a video series for the "Dream on Foundation for Youth".

    • After season 1 of "Big Brother" was over Jamie moved from Des Moines, Washington around the Puget Sound area to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

    • Jamie was one of the judges for the "Miss Washington 2001" contest and crowned the eventual winner that year.

    • She won the "Miss Baywatch College Search" contest in 1999 while still attending Washington State University where she maintained a 4.0 academic grade average and she later graduated 1st in her class and earning her B.A. degree.

    • She is a professional speaker and has spoke in Australia, Japan, and all throughout the United States.

    • Jamie was a contestant on the very first U.S. version of the reality show "Big Brother" in 2000. She lasted 85 days and was the seventh Houseguest to be evicted that year.

    • She won the Miss Washington USA Pageant contest in 2000.

  • Quotes

  • She was ok on big brother one.

    Jamie Kern now works for the local NBC station in Washington station for they morning weekday news.

    At least Jamie wasn't a fake like Brattney (Brittany) of big brother. Jamie will go far in life and maybe someday work for

    MSNBC or even NBC as a reporter or even an anchor.

  • Big BOOBS.

    Gets by her big boobs and overly sweet sickening

    personally. If you were to rob her house she

    would not get upset she finds even the worst

    people such as criminals to be nice the girl won't

    get angry no matter what. The worst thing is so many

    people love Jamie Kern oh puke.