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  • Miss Petticoat

    You forgot ," When Pigs fly".
  • Good but not great as an actress.

    Not bad.
  • Superb role playing

    Her actions are believable. Her work is credible and respected by many. She makes the movie believable. I watched her do infomercials as well as movies. She makes the scene interesting, you will almost never know what she will do next.
  • My favorite actress of all time.

    There's only one word to describe Jamie Lee Curtis: amazing.
    She started her career by starring in Halloween. She played Laurie Strode wonderfully, and was one of the reasons why that movie was so good. She stared in Halloween 2 also, which I thought was pretty good, but Jamie needed more screen time. All she did was lay in bed and run away from Myers. Again, she was one of the reasons this sequel wasn't trash. This woman starred in many other movies, some I haven't watched yet. But I'm sure she's good in most of them. Really, Jamie has great talent and a gift for acting. She's made her movie roles so believeable that you really care about her (well, unless she's playing a drunk nag). Three cheers for this fantastic actress!
  • empty

    She is very talented, and she is a very good actress. I have seen her in a lot of movies along her filmogarphy, like Halloween and Trading Places, Freaky Friday and My Girl. I can really tell you that Jamie Lee Curtis is a really talented actress, I really like her style and the way she works.
  • Jamie is so great in her acting.

    Jamie Lee Curtis has always been one of my all-time favorite stars. When she is acting it is almost like she is younger than she really is. Her movies are all my favorites. From My Girl, to (my all-time favorite) the Haloween movies, and to Freaky Friday. She did such a great job in being the switched daughter in Freaky Friday. She is so talented and awesome. Jamie deserves her own tv show. She is always a funny charcter to watch and she acts it out so well. She will always be one of my favorite actresses and I hope to see her in more movies.
  • Jamie Lee is one great actress.

    I first came across Jamie Lee Curtis in the of Laurie Strode in the movie "Halloween". After I first watched that movie, I have become a fan of her work.

    What I like about Ms. Curtis is how she has the ability to portray various types of movie characters. Jamie was great as a "Scream Queen" when she starred in horror movies, and I absolutely love her acting abilities in the various comedies and dramas I have seen her in. As much as I enjoyed her acting in the various "Halloween" movies, my favorite role Jamie Lee starred as came in the movie "Freaky Friday". I just loved the way she portrayed a 15 year girl, since I found it to be such a believable performance.

    In all, I find Jamie Lee Curtis to be one talented actress. But then again, I guess it runs in the family, since her mother Janet Leigh and father Tony Curtis are such legendary talents.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis has starred in many films including Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween H20, and also True Lies. She is truly one of the greatest Hollywood stars.

    Jamie Lee Curtis is most famous for her work in the her debut film Halloween where she named the "scream queen", and she also starred in other films such as Prom Night and other Halloween sequels and much more. Her parents are none other than Janet Leigh (Psycho) and Tony Curtis. With all her hard work and determination Jamie Lee Curtis is one of America's greatest actresses of all time.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis - a woman of many talents.

    At various times, Jamie Lee Curtis has been called "The Scream Queen" and "The Body", but she's received more widespread acclaim as a comedic actress for her roles in the TV series Anything But Love (for which she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress), and movies such as Freaky Friday, Christmas With the Kranks, Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, and True Lies (for which she won a second Golden Globe award). The daughter of famous parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leight, Jamie won notoriety as the star of the horror flick Halloween. Other well-known movies Curtis has starred in include My Girl and its sequel, Perfect, The Fog, and three of the many Halloween sequels. All totaled, she's appeared in over 60 movies and a television series. She's also the best-selling author of a number of children's books, and is actively involved in numerous children's charities. On top of this, she is a Baroness, a wife, and a mother of two. This talented woman has not only worn numerous hats, but she continues to wear them all quite well. Long may this Hollywood queen reign.