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  • She hasn't really show much in the way of acting, but she has the look to be a big star.

    Pretty actress, but hasn’t done much. Right now, she seems to really be taking her career more seriously. “The Sopranos” isn’t noted for it’s quality acting and her character of Meadow Soprano really isn’t showing much acting. Meadow is a spoiled brat who knows her Dad’s a mafia boss and like Carmela doesn’t care as long as she’s getting what she wants. She’s not even in the show much anymore, except for a side-story about her boyfriend. Anyways, she hasn’t really shown me much, but it looks like she’s doing more movies and other characters which is the way to go. She came clean about her anorexia and eating disorders which I think has made her stronger. She really needs to challenge herself as an actress before she really is taken seriously as a great actress because she’s not there yet.