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  • It was refreshing to see someone real in the BB house!

    I used to watch Jamie back when he was reviewing computer games on his community television show "Level 3" so you can understand how shocked I was to see him in the Big Brother house! My shock soon subsided and I was left with a feeling of relief, Jamie isn't a model or one of the "cool kids" - he is a real person. He is (was) a bit overweight, a gaming nerd and at times socially awkward with the vacuous characters that normally fill a Big Brother house but this made him a real hero to every average Joe here in Australia.

    It came out that Jamie had a role in "The Secret Life of Us" a few years prior to entering the BB house, is there anything he can't do? An actor, television presenter and even a singer! I'm sure that Jamie will etch out a magnificent media career from BB and I personally wish him all the best!