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    • Jamie: (asked if he is looking for love) Yeah, for sure. I always have my eyes open.

    • Jamie: (explaining how he came to live with his ex-fiance and her mother) We broke up just after we signed the contracts to build our house and we were kind of tied together through that. Her mum has always accepted me 100% as part of their family and I actually think of her as my mum. So it doesn't feel weird. Also, my ex-fiance and I are just really close mates now. We're like brother and sister. It sounds weird but it works really well.

    • Jamie: (asked if his tough childhood enabled him to cope with the hard times in the "BB" house) Yeah, definitely. You have tests in life and this is just another test. As you succeed in tough times in life it makes you a more resilient person.

    • Jamie: (asked why he thinks he made it so far in "Big Brother") Honestly, I do not know. I was genuinely surprised every time I made it through. I dodged four bullets. The public had four chances to get rid of me before they decided to. I guess maybe some people identified with me.

    • Jamie: When you're in your comfort zone, when you're around people that talk in a similar way to you, you are so much louder, than when you're thrown into a completely alien situation. I was away from my family, my friends and my Playstation, so it was really hard to be 100% what Jamie is on the outside.

    • Jamie: (asked why he abandoned his game plan in the "Big Brother" house) The inability to find the energy for it. Just getting through day to day, being away from your friends and family, missing everyone at home and just doing the tasks, it just takes so much mental strength to make it through. I didn't have any extra energy left over to play games.

    • Jamie: (asked if he was surprised at how far he went in "Big Brother") So surprised. I didn't even think that I was going to get into the house. In the audition stage I had someone waiting for me in a car because I said 'I'll be five minutes.' I went in, auditioned and five hours later that friend was still sitting in the car waiting for me. Ten weeks later, still going.

    • Jamie: (on worrying that he had AIDS) I was working as a covert loss-prevention officer when I was stabbed with a syringe. I had to wait for a year before i found out if I had AIDS or not. That was a very tough time.

    • Jamie: (on Demet from "Big Brother 2007") Demet was as cool as a cucumber. Nothing fazed her. She never seemed to get upset at anything.

    • Jamie: (on the ninjas from "Big Brother FNL") The ninjas are so funny. They try hard not to talk to you, but you can tell they want to. And sometimes they crack up laughing at what you do.

    • Jamie: (asked how it feels to have everyone knowing his name) It feels really weird. I walked past a restaurant the other night, and a table full of people called me over to analyse their body language. It was a crack up.

    • Jamie: (on Laura from "Big Brother 2007") Pretty much anything Laura did annoyed me.

    • Jamie: (on Susannah Murray from "Big Brother 2007") She's classy, beautiful and a lovely person. Murphy is a lucky guy.

    • Jamie: (asked what he thought of Emma in the "Big Brother" house) If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    • Jamie: (on his favorite memory from being in the "Big Brother" house) Definitely winning Friday Night Games. I didn't think I could do it and it was as much a shock to me as anyone.

    • Jamie: (asked if he really is a nerd and not just 'acting') OK, here's a formula. Video games + sci fi = nerd. There you go.

    • Jamie: (on who he would like to see win "Big Brother" after he was evicted) Definitely Travis. And I think he will win. He is the most genuine person in the House and he could not offend anyone if he tried.

    • Jamie: (after boasting he had the highest IQ of all the 2007 housemates, he admits the truth) It [my IQ] hasn't been tested for so many years I don't even know now! I think when I said I was the smartest Housemate, I proved that I was actually the dumbest Housemate.

    • Jamie: (to his fellow housemates in the "Big Brother" house) Yes I am an analytical person. Yes I have a higher IQ than you guys, big f**king deal. Maybe that's arrogant. I hate the fact that the smart guy on reality TV is the guy that's crying, the guy that's upset, and the guy that let things get to him. I will continue to read people - it's what I do. It's how I gain a greater understanding of each and every one of you.

    • Jamie: (to Susannah, during "Big Brother") I'm too analytical, I don't feel the moment. They're scared to talk to me because I analyse them.

    • Jamie: (asked how he felt when he was evicted from "Big Brother") Look I felt fine about it because for me it was a win-win situation. If I had of stayed in the House for another week that would've been an awesome win because I would've got to do another crazy random task and I would've had another Friday Night Games and I would've got to hang out with everyone for another week, but also by going I win because I get to come out and do awesome things, like talk to so many people, eat food, shower naked, eat things that aren't tofu. Drink milk that's not from a cow, ah drink milk that is from a cow, because in the House it's not from a cow, it's foul.

    • Jamie: (on standing up before his name was read out as the evictee on "Big Brother") Yeah, I've already read online somewhere, someone said something like, "Oh the Housemates must know previously whose going to go and that's why Jamie stood up" and that wasn't it at all. I had a feeling all week, I knew I was going. You get a sixth sense for things when you're in the House. 'Cause in the House us Housemates know when it's a double Eviction, we get that feeling and Housemates tend to just feel it and know when their time is up. Susannah knew when her week was up. Thomas knew when his week was up. And just likewise I just felt it, I just felt it. So I was so sure, I just stood up before hand.

    • Jamie: (asked who he thought would win "BB07" after he was evicted) I said in week two to Travis, "You're going to win this", and I stand by that. Travis is so genuine, so real that he is going to win. I think he's the best chance. The guy couldn't offend anyone. He could run his 18-wheeler truck over you and you wouldn't take offence because that's Travis. He'd go, "Sorry mate" and you'd be like, "Yeah no worries. Cool".

    • Jamie: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Michelle) I like Michelle. I like the person that she is and I even said to her, "You're the kind of person that I'd hang out with on the outside world", but her biggest downfall is that she says things that are valid but she says them in a way that offends people. She swears at them, she yells at people and she just doesn't understand just by altering the language use, the tone, the inflection that she'd be taken a lot better. Well I think she does understand it but she doesn't care and she just wants to be who she is and she's 100% happy with who she is and she's going to keep being like that, regardless. So I think she's just happy to do that.

    • Jamie: (asked who his closest friends in the "Big Brother" house were ) I'd say Thomas. He's a closet geek, as soon as he puts his shirt on and put a Wii controller in his hand, he can geek it up with the rest of them, definitely. I think Rebecca, obviously we were very close, very good friends. Susannah, definitely very good friends with her. And Hayley, she's just a beautiful person, she's fantastic. And Travis too, how could I forget Travis - our early morning chats and he's always someone you can go to and chat about anything and you can be assured that he'll say, "Geez, really?" and you know, really positive things. He's a great bloke.

    • Jamie: (on fellow housemate, Travis, in "Big Brother") Really good listener and he'll turn round to you three weeks later and go, "Remember that time when you went to the toilet at KFC and there was someone next to you and they had blue pants" and you're just going, "Whoa!" He remembers things in detail. That is a skill, that's huge.

    • Jamie: (asked for his favorite thing about being in the "Big Brother" house) Easy, my favorite thing will be my bowl of chilli con carne. Alright, I won a Friday Night Games and that was the best feeling ever. I never thought I would, I never thought I could and I did. It was brilliant. And to win a Friday Night Games in front of all of my Housemates, in front of all of my friends who were watching, my family and everyone in Australia, it felt amazing. I just can't describe how good that felt. And then when I went into the Rewards Room I picked from the boxes and instead of a three week trip to South America, I won bowl of chilli con carne. Fine, I was 100% fine with that because that feeling of winning that Friday Night Games was better than anything. You can always buy a three week trip to South America with Kumuka Worldwide, but you can't buy that feeling of winning Friday Night Games.

    • Jamie: (asked for his least favorite thing about being in the "Big Brother" house) Oh nominating, nominating is bad. It's tough and you feel so bad for it because you feel like you're backstabbing your friends because you're forced to pick the bad things about them and use them to nominate and it's not fun at all and it's not easy. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, because you get so attached to everyone there. You really do and I didn't look forward to Mondays at all.

    • Jamie: (asked what his plans were immediately after he was evicted from "Big Brother") Um, I really don't know. My feet haven't touched the ground. My dusty old docs are going to survive because I'm not walking on the ground at the minute. I guess I'm going to travel around, fulfil all my obligations and just see what doors are open. I've done some television work and things like that in the past and if I got to do that again that'd be really cool. But worst case scenario I'd go back to karaoke hosting and as a worst case scenario that's fantastic. I love waking up in the afternoon and going, "I've got to go to work tonight, awesome!" I get to go and just play good music and hear people sing, good and bad. Good and very bad. And it's an awesome night, so look, I'm going to look and just see what doors open.

    • Jamie: (asked if he has any regrets from being in the "Big Brother" house) Yeah, for sure, for sure. The night that I got drunk and I got emotional and I said I was the smartest Housemate. I think saying that actually proved that I am the dumbest Housemate. It was a silly thing to say and a stupid thing to say and I really regret saying it. But look that's such a small part of my time in the Big Brother House and I'd say my time in the Big Brother House was 99.9% positive and I wouldn't give back the experience for anything. It's a brilliant experience and anyone who's even thinking about trying out, if it's on again and I think it will be, should definitely go and try out, because I was one of these guys that just thought, "Oh I won't get on", and just gave it a crack. And if I can get in, believe me, anyone can, seriously.

    • Jamie: (asked what qualities he brought to "Big Brother") That's a tough question. I think I taught people how to interact with someone who is very different to them and at the same time I learnt how to interact with people that are very different to me. And that is a very valuable skill to have in life, because it's so easy to surround yourself with the same kinds of people, the people that you're comfortable with, the people that you communicate on the same level with. To be thrown in with different people and be forced to learn, it's almost like learning a new language, you know, to speak with people on different levels it's something valuable, and I think I gave that to the House and I think I took that.

    • Jamie: (on what he thinks he'll be remembered for in "Big Brother") Um, I don't know. They [the HMs] said they liked the Jamie that fell in the pool that night. Because what I actually did was I took my microphone off and I just ran around the corner and just pretended to fall in the pool in all my clothes and I think people seemed to remember that. And they go, "That was the Jamie that we like. That was the random Jamie. That was the crazy Jamie". I'd like to think I'll be remembered for that, as opposed to the guy who cried all the time, which I didn't cry all the time, but that was confronting to see that package actually.

    • Jamie: (after seeing footage of himself crying on "Big Brother") I saw that package on the night and I was shocked by that, because that was just taken from my first couple of weeks in the House and that was just all my worst times pieced together and made into one long piece and it just left out all my good times, all my good bits, and I just felt really disappointed by that.

    • Jamie: (on what his relationship was with fellow "Big Brother" housemate Rebecca) Very good friends, very close friends and not even close to a couple. The two couples in the House - Billy and Aleisha and Andrew and Hayley, that's it. Not at all, no, but I'll definitely catch up with her on the outside. But there's nothing there, she's got someone waiting for her on the outside that she was looking forward to pursuing and that's great and I really do wish her all the best.

    • Jamie: (asked to explain his formula for nominations "Big Brother") Yes, alright. Well because my brain wasn't occupied in the House, there's so much down time and I was just thinking and just going, "Tick, tick, tick, tick". Um what was the formula? I really wanted Big Brother to give me a blackboard or something so I could write it down, but obviously I can't write in the House and I got in trouble for that for making a poker set. Um, yeah, what was it? I think, the probability of someone nominating you was inversely proportionate to the mean average, to the median average amount of minutes that they spent with you that week. I know, I know, and look I didn't sort of pursue it and try and count it and work it out because it was too complex and stupid anyway. You know it was just something to occupy my brain. I can only think about the Simpsons for so many hours per day. I can only dream about getting my hands on my PlayStation again so many hours a day.
      And when I got in the Rewards Room and I finally got video games with Thomas, we got to go in the Rewards Room and we're like, "Video games, awesome!" I think Big Brother saw us go in and he's like, "Great two gaming nerds, if I leave them in there for 48 hours with a Wii, they're just going to not sleep, not eat and just play" and we would've. So he goes, "You can only have one hour on the Wii". One hour! One hour of gaming time is nothing, so Big Brother's obviously not a gamer.

    • Jamie: (on analysing people in the "Big Brother" house) Look when I'm talking with someone I want to hear what they're saying, I want to feel what they're saying and I also want to see what they're saying, because a large proportion of communication between people is non-verbal. So to really get holistic understanding of what someone's trying to say, if you can take in as many elements as possible, it's an advantage.

    • Jamie: (on the best piece of advice someone's ever given him) If you enjoy what you do for a job, you'll never work a day in your life.

    • Jamie: (asked who his hero is) Anthony Mundine. Every step of his career he has had people doubting him and laughing in his face. In spite of this, he's achieved so much.

    • Jamie: (asked for his least favorite body part) My stomach – it's expanding!

    • Jamie: (revealing his competitive streak will make him one to watch in the "Big Brother" house) I'll throw everything I've got into the challenges and games, and if someone's going to injure themselves it will most likely be me!

    • Jamie: I don't know why, but short tartan skirts are very sexy to me.

    • Jamie: (revealing he has no idea why he was chosen to be a "Big Brother" housemate) Really, out of all the cool and good-looking people that I saw at the audition, I can't work out why they wanted a chubby nerd in the house!