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    • Jamie: (asked to explain his formula for nominations "Big Brother") Yes, alright. Well because my brain wasn't occupied in the House, there's so much down time and I was just thinking and just going, "Tick, tick, tick, tick". Um what was the formula? I really wanted Big Brother to give me a blackboard or something so I could write it down, but obviously I can't write in the House and I got in trouble for that for making a poker set. Um, yeah, what was it? I think, the probability of someone nominating you was inversely proportionate to the mean average, to the median average amount of minutes that they spent with you that week. I know, I know, and look I didn't sort of pursue it and try and count it and work it out because it was too complex and stupid anyway. You know it was just something to occupy my brain. I can only think about the Simpsons for so many hours per day. I can only dream about getting my hands on my PlayStation again so many hours a day.
      And when I got in the Rewards Room and I finally got video games with Thomas, we got to go in the Rewards Room and we're like, "Video games, awesome!" I think Big Brother saw us go in and he's like, "Great two gaming nerds, if I leave them in there for 48 hours with a Wii, they're just going to not sleep, not eat and just play" and we would've. So he goes, "You can only have one hour on the Wii". One hour! One hour of gaming time is nothing, so Big Brother's obviously not a gamer.