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    • Jamie: (asked if he has any regrets from being in the "Big Brother" house) Yeah, for sure, for sure. The night that I got drunk and I got emotional and I said I was the smartest Housemate. I think saying that actually proved that I am the dumbest Housemate. It was a silly thing to say and a stupid thing to say and I really regret saying it. But look that's such a small part of my time in the Big Brother House and I'd say my time in the Big Brother House was 99.9% positive and I wouldn't give back the experience for anything. It's a brilliant experience and anyone who's even thinking about trying out, if it's on again and I think it will be, should definitely go and try out, because I was one of these guys that just thought, "Oh I won't get on", and just gave it a crack. And if I can get in, believe me, anyone can, seriously.