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    • Jamie: (asked for his favorite thing about being in the "Big Brother" house) Easy, my favorite thing will be my bowl of chilli con carne. Alright, I won a Friday Night Games and that was the best feeling ever. I never thought I would, I never thought I could and I did. It was brilliant. And to win a Friday Night Games in front of all of my Housemates, in front of all of my friends who were watching, my family and everyone in Australia, it felt amazing. I just can't describe how good that felt. And then when I went into the Rewards Room I picked from the boxes and instead of a three week trip to South America, I won bowl of chilli con carne. Fine, I was 100% fine with that because that feeling of winning that Friday Night Games was better than anything. You can always buy a three week trip to South America with Kumuka Worldwide, but you can't buy that feeling of winning Friday Night Games.