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  • My favorite TV chef.

    Jamie Oliver is my favorite TV chef and i reckon he is an inspiration for all people who want to become Chef's. He is a very talented chef and he makes it look so easy. I love his many shows especially Jamie At Home which has Jamie cooking a variety of quick and easy foods using the veggies and herbs and stuff found in his backyard. Also he did a very good job getting rid of unhealthy lunches in Britain. I just like him because he is great at what he does and that is exactly what i would like to be.
  • Great Chef.

    What is with everyone ragging on Jamie??

    He is a great chef and a totally killer guy. It's good to see a chef on Food Network with a little flavor and a little personality, aside from Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown, I think those 3 are about it, and Jamie is the best.

    His sense of humor really shows on his shows, you get a feel for the man, and he just seems like a guy that would be a great buddy to have a beer with.

    Watch his shows, and figure it out for yourself. Don't just take my word...and don't listen to the others. He is great.
  • Jamie Oliver

    He has to be the most annoying person in the U.K today. I always see him on the Sainsburys TV ads and he always tell us how to eat healthy. This guy is just a health freak get him of the TV now because this guy is just plain annoying.
  • Get him off the TV

    I cannot stand this man, he annoys me Soooooooooo much!

    I'm sick of every channel I watch one of his damm Sainsbury adverts come on, every other week in my TV guide there is a picture with a small review of something else he's done!

    I don't like him, I don't watch anything he's on but Every Single Night I have to watch is stupid adverts!

    Just GET LOST Jamie!