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    • At the 9th Annual GQ Men of the Year Awards, Jamie was awarded Chef of the Year for 2006.

    • Jamie is scheduled to make a new TV show about the benefits of eating road-kill, using his TV production company Fresh One. Delicacies will include badger meat balls, roasted duck and wild squirrel stew. Jamie is a passionate advocate of the benefits of road-kill, he wants to change Britain's eating habits and stop people consuming what he believes is bland rubbish.

    • Jamie's Kitchen Australia premieres in Australia September 2006. 20 disadvantaged kids have been training at Box Hill TAFE to learn the basics of cooking before they start work experience in real Melbourne kitchens. It will be hosted by Tobie Puttock who previously worked with Jamie in London. Jamie will attend the launch of the show.

    • In 2003, Oliver was ranked number 28 in Channel 4's poll of '100 Worst Britons'. The poll was inspired by the BBC series 100 Greatest Britons, though it was less serious in nature. The aim was to discover the 100 Worst Britons We Love To Hate. The poll specified that the nominees had to be British, alive and not currently in prison or pending trial.

    • In North America and the UK, Oliver markets his own line of T-Fal cookware as well as a line of high end flatware.

    • In Australia Jamie Oliver also promoted Yalumba wine in a series of advertisements that bore a similar look and feel to his television shows.

    • In New Zealand Jamie Oliver starred in a series of television adverts for the Pam's brand belonging to Foodstuffs. These adverts featured Jamie as the cheeky next door neighbour able to produce the finest food from Pam's ingredients.

    • In 2003 fellow chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright called Oliver a "whore" for endorsing Sainsbury's Scottish farmed salmon and accused him of "selling his soul" to the company.

    • In February 2002 the BBC broke off contract negotiations with Oliver after failing to come to terms. Reports suggested that the corporation was unhappy with his increasing association with Sainsbury's. The proposed series called Oliver's Army, where he would train 16 unemployed young people to cook, was cancelled. Channel 4 quickly seized the moment and produced the series, known as Jamie's Kitchen.

    • In the first two years these advertisements are estimated to have given Sainsbury's an extra £1 billion of sales or £200 million gross profit. By 2004 the company had made 65 adverts with Oliver.

    • The deal with Sainsbury's earns him an estimated £1.2 million every year.

    • Since 2000 Jamie Oliver has been the public face of the Sainsbury's supermarket chain in the UK, appearing on television and radio advertisements and in-store promotional material.

    • He is also a great proponent of fresh organic foods.

    • He is reputedly a multimillionaire.

    • He has also written columns for The Times.

    • Fifteen Amsterdam was opened in December 2004, and Fifteen Cornwall and Fifteen Melbourne are scheduled for opening in Summer 2006.

    • He set up the Fifteen charity restaurant where he trains 15 disadvantaged young people to work in the hospitality industry.

    • In June 2003 he was appointed an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

    • He signed a deal with the Food Network and FremantleMedia to air the show Oliver's Twist which then led to his next success.

    • His daughters are named Poppy Honey (born in March 2002) and Daisy Boo (born in April 2003).

    • Jamie and wife met in 1993 and currently have two daughters.

    • On June 24, 2000 he married Juliette Norton, also known as Jools.

    • His first TV break came in 1996 when he was "discovered" by television producer Patricia Llewellyn while working at the River Café in London. She saw him on a documentary called Christmas at the River Café and recognised his star potential immediately.

    • He spent several years working alongside the London chef, Gennaro Contaldo, whom he regards as one of his culinary 'mentors'.

    • He attended Westminster Catering College when he was 16.

    • His parents own a pub called 'The Cricketers'.

    • Jamie Oliver suffers from dyslexia.

  • Quotes

    • Jamie: (claiming whenever he visits Australia, women throw themselves at him) I had loads of birds throwing themselves at me, specifically in Australia for some reason. I'd go to book signings and there would be hordes of randy women whispering the most inappropriate suggestions in my ear. They'd pinch my bottom or grab my crotch, and write unspeakable suggestions in notes in the books. I'd just giggle and ask them what name they'd like in the book. I even found underwear smuggled into my luggage.

    • Jamie (what he wants to be doing in 20 years' time): Retiring! Probably in Australia - my legs have never been tanned.

    • Jamie (asked if he ever gets the idea the kids are more interested in being on TV than being chefs): Yeah, but we've see this all before and the way we choose the kids is reasonably advanced now. I think we've got a really wonderful bunch of students.

    • Jamie (on who he considers 'the right kind of young people'): The ones who've had a bit of a tough time. That could have been schooling, the police…But it's not like we're taking any old waifs and strays - they have to be ones that fit the criteria, but who also want to change.

    • Jamie (the difference between the Aussie kids & English kids on 'Jamie's Kitchen'): In many senses, nationality doesn't really seem to make them any different. When you get the right kind of young people, they all seem to feel the same in a funny sort of way. But I'm very excited about the Aussie ones because they seem to be much more open.

    • Jamie (on coming up with the idea of 'Fifteen'): My wife, Jools, was working in a restaurant and one of the other waitresses was a counsellor whose job was to stop kids getting expelled from college. She started cooking with these kids - big, butch bully-type characters - and she said the atmosphere changed. Cooking made these boys tactile and sensitive. From there, it all began. She told me that it radically changed these very rough kids.

    • From Cooking Q&A:
      Name: Toby - Oklahoma
      Question: Any tips for a new vegan who can't choke down enough protein through nuts and beans to sustain life?
      Jamie's answer: Here's a tip for you Toby, stop being a vegan and start enjoying what you eat!