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Jamiroquai formed in 1992, with the release of When You Gonna Learn on the Acid Jazz label. They then signed an 8 album deal with the SonyS2 Label (Now Sony / BMG). The Band itself is made up of JK the front man, and has had various musicians…more


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  • Trivia

    • Jamiroquai's songs have been featured in several movies. Deeper Underground was featured in Godzilla. Use the Force was played in Sliding Doors. Seven Days in Sunny June was used in The Devil Wears Prada.

    • If a song on one of Jamiroquai's albums is short in length (i.e. When You Gonna Learn, Travelling Without Moving), they will usually perform a long version of that song Live. If there is a long song on one of their albums (i.e. Revolution 1993, Twenty Zero One), they will usually play a Live version but shorter.

    • A few of Jamiroquai's songs include the use of drugs. Space Cowboy is about the legalization of cannabis. High Times refers to the use of cocaine and other drugs. Cannabliss is all about the effects of cannabis.

    • Jamiroquai likes to recycle elements from older versions of their songs. They do this until they have the perfect version. A few examples are Radio and Slipin N Slidin, where Radio's lyrics are borrowed from an early song, Cannabliss, and Slipin N Slidin borrows from an even earlier song called Mr. Boogie.

    • Many of Jamiroquai's songs have strong messages, particularly their earlier songs, Scam, Virtual Insanity, and others.

    • Due to the excellent quality of the bootleg, Jazziroquai is considered by fans to be the best Live performance Jamiroquai has ever played.

    • A few of of Jamiroquai's instrumentals have vocals when played Live. These include Music of the Mind and Slipin 'N' Slidin.

    • Back in their earlier years, Jamiroquai performed many Live covers, including Don't Stop the Feeling by Roy Ayers and Sunny by Bobby Hebb.

    • A few of Jamiroquai's instrumentals do not appear on the albums, but instead, appear on the B-sides of a few of their singles. Space Clav appears on the 1995 Space Cowboy single, Bullet appears on the 1996 Virtual Insanity single, and Slipin 'N' Slidin appears on the 1996 Cosmic Girl single.

    • Jamiroquai released a DJ Mix album in 2003, which was a part of the Late Night Tales series.

    • In 2006, several singles from Jamiroquai were released. These included Space Cowboy, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, and Cosmic Girl. These singles included only remixes and not the original songs.

    • As a promotion for Jamiroquai's High Times: Singles 1992-2006, the gang did a Live gig in a flying airplane flying high at 35,000 feet, breaking not only one record but six, which included "Highest ever Concert" and "Fastest ever Recording", with a few more.

    • During the time the first four albums were released, a few of the singles that were released were canceled and were only promos, making it rare for someone to find the CD today. A few of these included Revolution 1993 and Morning Glory.

    • Jamiroquai has of 2007, switched over from Sony BMG to Columbia Records and so, future releases will now feature Columbia's label.

    • Although Jason Kay was the creator and the singer of Jamiroquai, many fans believe that it was the bassist Stuart Zender who was the backbone of the group during the 90s, due to his rhythmic bass playing.

    • The first four albums released have, at least, one track played with the didgeridoo. The first album has two tracks, When You Gonna Learn and Didgin' Out. The 2nd album, The Return of the Space Cowboy, has one called Journey to Arnhemland and the 4th album, Synkronized, also has one called Supersonic. Traveling Without Moving, the 3rd album, has two, Didjerama and Didjital Vibrations.

    • For the first three albums that were released, Jamiroquai did two Instrumental tracks for each one. When Synkronized was released, only one Instrumental (excluding the track Supersonic) was done, which was the track, Destitute Illusions.

    • Jamiroquai was featured on Guru's Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality, where Jamiroquai played on Track 9, Lost Souls.

    • Traveling Without Moving, Jamiroquai's 3rd album, earned the title and record of being the best selling funk album of all time, with an estimated 8 million units sold, worldwide.

    • Jamiroquai was formed by Jason Kay (the lead singer) after he was turned down in an audition for another acid jazz group called The Brand New Heavies.

    • Jamiroquai is a name derived from the Native American Iroquois tribe combined with 'Jam', as in musical jamming.

    • The band have always the logo of a small figure called "The Buffalo Man" on every album they have released. He mostly remains unaltered, but has been changed when the artwork required it.

    • JK's full name is Jason Kaye.

    • Addidas created a special version of their Cross trainers for JK with "Jay Kay" written on them instead of Addidas.

    • JK has always had a love of Adidas, and helped design the Oregon JK model shoes.

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