Jan-Michael Vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent


7/15/1944, Denver, Colorado, USA

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Mike Vincent, Michael Vincent
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Jan-Michael Vincent is an American actor and former teen-idol from the sixties. He was born in Denver, Colorado in 1944, but he moved to a surfer town in Southern California with his family in his early teens. Vincent entered the military after high school, and a Hollywood agent,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • As Jan-Michael Vincent, I wouldn't know his objective in life, had he enough time maybe develop his future more directly but his influence from Airwolf seemed to me to be a major importance, as Role player of Darren Pyne more likely active in modeling.moreless

    see: Blaine Austin [http://www.blaineaustin.com/], I know Jan-Michael Vincent could do much better. Austin has a site of a homemade aircraft. Florida has seen many a Quicksilver is Sprint II floatplane for less than $30,000 [http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/air_space/4219509.html]. Hawk Arrow is a ultralight cross country plane, Air Creation GTE Trek ($35,000), Powrachute Pegasus ($19,300), however Mosquito XE is a cheap whirlybird at $27,500 and can qualify as a ultralight, Mosquito XEL is $28,500 as a kit; $33,500 fully built. All these examples are conventional engines even the Evo another homemade aircraft, [See: DocThrock's Team Rocket F1 EVO Kit plane Construction Pages: http://www.docthrock.com/ for more details], not electric hybrid which should become a/the main purpose. Vincent has lots of time to develop his objective. Give Darren Pyne a rest and give Jan-Michael Vincent a new career role model that might fit his objective and you might have a better plan for a new season. Besides the counter crime role model Darren Pyne acted as having less crime and more historical purpose seems to be the better objective for the new season. But since 1987 what's happened is what had been felt in the show by all the actors so it did become important to really forestand the role model's plot of the show. You soon get the idea that Airwolf could be different and have some nicer consequences.moreless
  • Buster & Billie is one of his best. A simple and believeable story about the girl who sleeps around who only wants love. JMV can play about any kind of part thrown his way. Sometimes his handsome looks distract from his great acting ability.moreless

    Buster & Billie is a movie that anyone can relate to.Everyone knows a girl like this in high school. It only takes one person to show them love and it can change there whole life. Jan- Michael Vincent plays the part with great tenderness and emotion to Billie. Its to bad the nude scene gets so much attention but the story is more real with this included. I\\\'m trying to watch all JMV early works and haven\\\'t been dissapointed but greatly entertained If JMV never works again he has left with us with a wonderful body of work.moreless