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    • Jan: My mum told me to count my blessings. It's something to strive towards.

    • Jan: Jazz. It gives me toothache.

    • Jan: My most-requested impression [at school] was of a short-sighted Latin teacher who conducted verb conjugations with her head buried in a book. It was rather cruel.

    • Jan: I once did an advert for Bounce in a purple Crimplene suit.

    • Jan: My husband once booked a really trendy hotel in New York, and I went into decline because the walls were the colour of boiled liver.

    • Jan: The Adelphi in Liverpool, where I stayed years ago with my two older sons. It's on the top of a hill, so the wind whistled around it. Everything was brown and swirly, with beds that sank in the middle. The lovely 1930s bathrooms, with huge baths and Art Deco basins, were ruined by swirly 1970s wallpaper. We ate revolting pasta with tinned tomatoes and dried basil.

    • Jan: I used to get terribly car-sick, particularly when pregnant. I remember a holiday on the Amalfi coast when we had to take a coach from Naples which went round all the mountain bends; it was like a fairground ride. I kept having to ask the driver to stop.

    • Jan: I either like to immerse myself in where I am by reading Du Maurier in Cornwall or Long Walk to Freedom in Africa, for example, or else something totally alien, like Jane Austen in Australia.

    • Jan: I'm a culture bum. I'm not into guided tours, but I love to see beautiful art and architecture.

    • Jan: About 25 years ago, I went to the Maldives with my first husband. The food was disgusting – shipped-in cans of school dinners. My ex-husband got a horrible ear infection. His face swelled up and he was in agony.

    • Jan: I'm a bit of a latecomer to new media. I do think that people spend an inordinate amount of time sending each other funny little clips. As for Facebook, I just think, "Get a life".

    • Jan: Why are most ads these days for insurance comparison websites? And why are they full of nerdy people in jumpers who look like they work in the postroom? There used to be ads that were beautiful or funny, now it's more like the US; all financial services and scary bottom preparations.

    • Jan: I watch much less [TV] than I used to because I don't have to sit through crap programmes any more in order to take the piss out of them on Dead Ringers. I live in a house full of boys so there's always some sport on or, worse, Top Gear. If I ever get my hands on the remote I quite like to watch Homes Under the Hammer and really good drama, whether historical or contemporary.

    • Jan: I've just finished Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela as I recently went on a trip to Kenya with Action Aid.

    • Jan: I read the Guardian. It's quite funny when you go to rehearsals because all the actors have a copy of the Guardian under their arm.

    • Jan: I think the most I got for the least amount of work was when I did a voiceover for an intercity rail commercial. I was the voice of a little penguin on the spine of a book which was animated so it fell asleep. All I had to do was make a kind of yawning noise.

    • Jan: I worked in a ladies' outfitters and school uniform shop when I was 14. It was great fun because I was among this group of middle-aged women who also worked there. They all wore nylon overalls and would gossip about various parts of their bodies - I felt I was a proper woman listening in on these gritty female conversations.

    • Jan: I come from a very humble background - financially anyway - although I guess I only really noticed it myself when I left college and moved to London to make my fortune.