Jane Allsop

Jane Allsop


7/3/1975, Oxford, England

Birth Name

Jane Claire Allsop



Also Known As

Jane Allsop
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Jane Claire Allsop was born in Oxford, England, to her parents, John and Helen Allsop. The family moved to the United States, but soon settled in Mont Albert, just outside of Melbourne, Australia, when she was two. A Melbourne girl, Jane began her acting career at age 13,…more


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    • Jane: Being at Heelers after learning the ropes was sort of like pressing pause, and it was pressing pause at a really happy time of my life, but I had to live, to take the next step of my life . . . it wasn't the challenge it used to be, and you get hungry.

    • Jane: (on fame) It can be a bit eerie. You find yourself holding a pair of undies in Myer or somewhere and these people are standing really close to you talking about you as if you can't hear.

    • Jane: (on her role in Blue Heelers) My hair was blonde and curly and long and I came on the show and they said they wanted it dark and straight. I sort of thought, well why did you give me the job?

    • Jane: (on her decision to leave Blue Heelers) It was a bit symbolic of taking the reins back on my life, I guess.

    • Jane: My TV Week Logie has a padded bottom and it's really heavy, so it makes a perfect doorstop for my lounge room door.