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Jane Danson

Jane Danson


11/8/1978, Bury, Lancashire, England

Birth Name

Jane Dawson



Also Known As

Jane Dawson
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Jane made her first public performance in a talent contest at Pontins in Weston-super-Mare and at the age of ten was crowned Rosebud Queen of the Morris Dancing Team. At the age of 11, Jane made her television debut in the Alan Bleasdale series GBH alongside Robert Lindsay…more


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    • In August 2008, Jane revealed that she was pregnant for a second time.

    • Jane: I'm a Scorpio. I'd say I've got a sting in my tail. I don't get angry often, but when I do, you know about it. But it's very rare. I'm more of a brooder really. My family call it The Danson Stare.

    • Jane: (on her character in The Bill) Playing lesbian PC Gemma Osbourne in 'The Bill' was a challenge. At first, I was a bit unsure about kissing a woman - it's nerve-wracking enough with a male actor!

    • Jane: (on tattoos and piercings I'm too scared. I know if I had a tattoo I'd be the person who got an infection and died. I'd love to have my belly button pierced, but any sign of a needle and I faint.

    • Jane: (on why she returned to Coronation Street) Over the past year or so, since Les got put in prison, people keep asking me, 'When are you going back? You need to go sort that Cilla out.' So when I was asked to return, I didn't hesitate.

    • Jane: (on the best part of returning to Coronation Street after 4 years away) You haven't got that thing of not knowing where the loos are like first time round!

    • Jane: (on her bum winning Rear of the Year in 2000) I didn't take that award very seriously, but it was flattering. I don't think I've got an award-worthy backside but you'd better ask my man - maybe he does.