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  • she has worked on shows from ellen to the gilmore girls and star trek, to buffy and some of the most rsndom mixes of television you could imagine.

    you wouldnt necessarily know it but this woman has probably written some of your favourite tv episodes thats because she gets around. thats not meant in a slutty way (ok, im bad at this) but she really does. i didnt realise it till the other day, i was watching the gilmore girls and there goes her name. id seen the episode before and it was one of my personal favourites but i didnt know. where i first encountered her writing was on buffy and im a big believer in the fact that we must look to the writers and crew not just praise the actors. her writing is funny, and odd. her jokes are subtle and distinctive. she can also make you cry and she can also write with a kind of endeering innocence. i know what i mean! im saddened that the writers on tv.com have less attention than all the other things so i start here to rectify that... and where else better to start than the woman who was the inspiration behind that "vulcanologist/volcanologist" parody on buffy, eh?