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Jane Gurnett





Dorset, England

Birth Name




*She now lives in Warwickshire.
*Her mother was a nurse and School Teacher.
*Her previous long-term partner was John Wheatly (Joe Broughton in Coronation Street). They met when they starred in the drama 'Vote For Them.' She now has a new partner who is also an actor, Ray Fearon.
*After a 12 year agonising battle to have children, she conceived and had a test tube baby girl, called Rosa May.
*Jane's early ambition was to be a dancer, and she left Gillington comprehensive to attend ballet school. She won small parts in musicals in rep and later the West End.

HER MOTTO IN LIFE IS : 'Never give up. Miracles can happen, believe me'

HER AGENT IS : Hamilton Hoddell, 24 Hanway Street, London, W1T 1UH.