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  • May I say, Jane Krakowski is SUCH a talented and accomplished woman. She has won tony's, golden globes, datime emmys! She is my favorite actress and I will explain why!

    Jane Krakowski is my favorite actress! I first saw her in theatre in London, playing Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She immeadiately stood out. With her thin figure, long blonde hair, and amazing talent! When she sang the whole crowd stopped, and then thunderous applause filled the room! I saw Guys and Dolls seven times, and she was amazing, more than that! Due to this, I saw Ally McBeal, a smart, witty and CLEVER show! Jane plays the slutty secretary, Elaine! She brings so much bubliness, slutiness and nosiness to the character. I love her in that show. She upstages Calista for SURE (sorry if you are a Calista fan!!! Calista is great) and Lucy Liu (but Ling is my 2nd fave!) Anyway, she was great in each episode, and really makes you believe she is Elaine. When you can't tell they're acting, then you know they are talented. Some may not like Jane, your problem! She does not just act her way through Ally, she sings her way through too! Every birthday/christmas episode, expect a mind blowing perfomance, overall, my persnally favorite!!!
  • Gave her character a lot of life

    I think Jane Krakowski\'s portrayal of Elaine on Ally McBeal was wonderful. We all know that person who tries so hard to be well-liked and nice to everyone (even going so far as to be a little slutty), yet seems to be the one everyone ignores or mistreats, as if that person were not important. Elaine was that character and I think an actress that is well-liked would have a harder time playing a role where her character is not. She pulled it off and really made you believe it, which is the main goal of acting. I wouldn\'t say she was underrated, as she did win a Golden Globe in 2002. I hope to see her in more television shows as more than just a guest star.
  • Jane is a luminous talent. She should become a major star if she can get the right kind of role in a good TV series. She did a great job in the movie, "Dance With Me," which would have been much more successful had she been cast in the lead.

    I love the movie "Dance With Me" partly because Jane K. does such excellent work in it as an actress and gorgeous dancer. She would have been better cast in the lead opposite Chayanne because she is much more lovable than is Vanessa (a clear prerequisite for such a role) and is likely a better dancer. It is nice to read that she is still working although it appears that she is not being cast in the type of roles she was born to play. When that happens, she will become an "A List" actress to be sure. Best wishes from a fellow professional actor who also dances a bit.
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    Jane Krakowski is really a talented actress, especially when it comes to comedy. Her revival on television's "30 Rock" is really refreshing. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Alfie."