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  • May I say, Jane Krakowski is SUCH a talented and accomplished woman. She has won tony's, golden globes, datime emmys! She is my favorite actress and I will explain why!

    Jane Krakowski is my favorite actress! I first saw her in theatre in London, playing Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She immeadiately stood out. With her thin figure, long blonde hair, and amazing talent! When she sang the whole crowd stopped, and then thunderous applause filled the room! I saw Guys and Dolls seven times, and she was amazing, more than that! Due to this, I saw Ally McBeal, a smart, witty and CLEVER show! Jane plays the slutty secretary, Elaine! She brings so much bubliness, slutiness and nosiness to the character. I love her in that show. She upstages Calista for SURE (sorry if you are a Calista fan!!! Calista is great) and Lucy Liu (but Ling is my 2nd fave!) Anyway, she was great in each episode, and really makes you believe she is Elaine. When you can't tell they're acting, then you know they are talented. Some may not like Jane, your problem! She does not just act her way through Ally, she sings her way through too! Every birthday/christmas episode, expect a mind blowing perfomance, overall, my persnally favorite!!!