Jane Leeves





4/18/1961 , London, England

Birth Name




Jane Leeves, was born in London but raised in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK. At the age of 5 she recalls writing in a schoolbook that she wanted to be an actress, but until the age of 18, when she had a tragic ankle accident and had to discontinue, she wanted to be a ballerina.

After the accident she took to less strenuous dancing, in music videos, like “California Girls.“ She then decided she wanted to become an actress, and starred in shows with small roles for a while, like "Monty Python and the Meaning of Life", as an angel, and singing every sperm is sacred. Then in 1984, after someone told her she'd have more chances in America, she let her flat go, sold or gave away most of her possessions, packed a suitcase and $1000, and bought a one-way ticket to LA.

She said she cried most of the journey and the first weeks she was there, and (of which I am unsure, there are 2 different stories) she either stayed with a man she met in Paris, or in a rented room owned by the mum of a girl she met while dancing. Later she shared a flat with Faith Ford. After Faith got some good roles, Jane began to think lightening wouldn't strike twice in the same flat, but it did.

She got some roles too, including virgin Marla Penney, who was in one of the most memorable "Seinfield" episodes, "The Contest", seducing JFK jr. Then she was called to audition for a new series, spun off from "Cheers”, called "Frasier" she was the only one they had in mind for the part, and after a bit of reading, received it.

She starred on the show for 11 years, as Daphne Moon, the home care specialist from Manchester. She works alongside Peri Gilpin, who plays Roz Doyle, and the two have made a company called "Bristol Cities"

Jane married Marshall Coben in 1996, and has had two children with him, one daughter named Isabella Kathryn Coben in January 2001 and one son named Finn William Leeves Coben in December 2003.

"Frasier" has ended its 11 year run and at the beginning of 2006 Jane will be starring in a new series “Misconceptions”.