Jane Levy

Jane Levy


12/29/1989, Los Angeles

Birth Name

Jane Colburn Levy


  • arrives at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmys
  • Jane Levy on Suburgatory Season 2.
  • Jane Levy on Suburgatory season 1.
  • Jane Levy on Suburgatory.
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Born in Los Angeles County, and raised in Northern California, Levy took an early interest in acting and sports. She did a few community theater productions. She attended the Stella AdlerStudio of Acting in New York.

After livingin New York,Levy returned to Los Angeles to act. She immediately…more


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    • Jane: (on the movie Evil Dead) It was probably the toughest job that I have ever done and will ever do. It was emotionally draining as well and I really was a tired girl for four months.

    • Jane: (on her role in Evil Dead) It is a pretty dynamic role as I get to play all sorts of things in this movie. I get to play three very distinct characters; I start off with a girl who is struggling with a very bad addiction problem and then I turn into the devil and I get to be a villain.

    • Jane: (on the physicality of her role in Evil Dead) I don't know what I could have done to prepare. I was told that it was going to be very hard but I don't think anything can quite prepare you for it. You really don't understand until it is actually happening and it was a really physical job.

    • Jane: I do like the whole idea of going to a location to shoot a movie and there is a start date and a finish date and a lot of special things happen within those weeks.

    • Jane: I like it a lot. I like that there is a beginning and an end because with TV it sometimes feel that it is never ending. It is fun to be able to tell your story when you know what it is going happen. But it is also exciting to work in television where you are surprised week by week.

    • Jane: Right now I am just auditioning so I don't really know what my next project will be. I'm begging people in Los Angeles to give me jobs.

    • Jane: (on her role in the movie Fun Size (2012)) It is going to come out this Halloween ... It's like a teen, Halloween comedy. I play a character that is the antithesis of Tessa … Johnny Knoxville is also in it and I didn't have any scenes with him, such a bummer! I was there for like eight weeks and the one week he was there was like my one week off. Everyone was like, "He's the coolest guy ever!" and I missed it.

    • Jane: (on the similarities with her role in Suburbatory) I think I was pretty different at 16 than Tessa. I think she is much more thoughtful, she is a really thoughtful 16-year-old girl. I think what's so cool about her is that yeah, she is snarky and makes fun of stuff, but she is usually right and funny. Underneath it, I think she is a good-hearted person … I wish I was more like Tessa as a 16-year-old.

    • Jane: Costume is a huge part of getting into character. Your body soaks in what you're wearing, and you turn into someone else.

    • Jane: I actually failed my first license test. I got an automatic fail. I guess I had been doing well but she had to pull the emergency brake so obviously there was a problem. I remember them handing me my fail paper and me just bursting into tears.

    • Jane: I'm from the suburbs and where I'm from didn't necessarily have people like you see in 'Suburgatory,' but along those lines and I think people will laugh at themselves. And it's lighthearted.

    • Jane: I developed a sense of self before moving to crazy Hollywood, which was really important.

    • Jane: (on her Suburgatory's Tessa Altman character) I think she's a pretty dynamic character, and I get to do a whole range of things.

  • Great in "Suburgatory".

    Great actress. Beautiful. Funny.
  • Best Role was Shameless!

    I was highly disappointed when season two of the Shotime hit series "Shameless" came along and Jane was no longer playing the role of Mandy Milkovich! She was GREAT in that role, and her replacement lacks the adorably cute energy she brought to the role of Mandy.

    I'm sure Suburgatory was a more lucrative stepping stone for her, but she is missed dearly by Shameless fans.