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    • Jane: Yes, and … ' is the vital and only rule of improvisation. Never deny your fellow actor. You should be willing and able to accept whatever your fellow improviser throws at you. Use that as your jumping off point and expand it. 'Heighten and explore,' as we call it.

      As you travel through life, in these many years ahead, I guarantee that you will come upon countless times in which the last thing you're going to want to say is 'Yes, and … ' You will experience loss, heartache, the death of a loved one. You'll probably have to say goodbye to a lover. You'll experience rejection, maybe even have to deal with a bad diagnosis. You'll age.

      The trick isn't to avoid these times or pretend they're not happening; you can't. What you'll need to do is step up to them courageously and embrace them. Allow these experiences to permeate your being and weave them all into the fabric of your life. They will not only soften you and strengthen you, and you will open your heart to compassion.

    • Jane: I'm very picky, very critical. I have done projects in the past that I didn't think were very good, because I was just happy to work--my agent used to say I'd work for a steak and $1.50--but I'm not really doing that anymore.

    • Jane: (on Steve Carell) He's just a rock-solid improviser so I feel so safe when I'm improvising with him. I've known him for a long time and he's always been a notch above everybody else - and the nicest guy in the room.

    • Jane: I am fascinated by what people think they're pulling off. We try to present ourselves in a certain way in the world, and some of us are better at it than others. I mean, we all wear these masks to protect ourselves, you know? Even when we walk into a room and just try to be special, like 'Look, I just walked into this room, look at me,' it's how we do it. That fascinates me.