Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald


4/4/1963, Wakefield, North Yorkshire, England

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Jane Brixen
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Before achieving her fame on "The Cruise", Jane spent her time singing in the various northern clubs in England, and performing as part of a chorus on various cruise ships!


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    • Jane: The fans have been on at me for ages to write my own stuff. I've just finished an album of my own songs. There's a lot of big I Will Survive-type ballads in there and a few jazzy things. I like anthems.

    • Jane: I'd never had a sex drive before - I would have rather had a cup of tea - but it's so much better now. OK, I still have a fairly low sex drive but now I have my moments, too. It could be an age thing. Having hit 40 I'm a lot more confident.

    • Jane: I have the most amazing group of fans. They travel around the country to see me, write to me, send me things and are all so supportive. I always make sure when I do a concert, or a TV show that I meet the fans afterwards. There's been a time when the signing session after the show has lasted longer than the show itself!! But I wouldn't miss that for the world. Without them … well … I wouldn't know what I'd do.

    • Jane: To me, twenty fans are equally as important as twenty thousand fans. When I look out, I don´t see a sea of people but individual faces.

    • Jane: I very much enjoyed Blackpool and I always love returning, I learned so much during that Summer Season.

    • Jane: Being famous has not stopped me doing anything.

    • Jane: Everyone thinks I'm having loads of sex. I'm not!