Jane Pauley


Jane Pauley Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Jane Pauley vs. Deborah Norville appeared as #92 on 2004's 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops on the E! network.

    • The Jane Pauley Show was filmed in the same studio (8G) where Tom Brokaw introduced Jane to the nation in 1976.

    • Jane's talk show debuted in 201 markets, including 148 out of the 150 largest markets. The show was canceled 8 months later.

    • In 1978, Jane received an honorary Doctorate from Depauw University. She was the youngest recipient of the honor ever.

    • Jane and Garry renewed their wedding vows on their 25th wedding anniversary.

    • In 2006, Jane sued The New York Times for allegedly tricking her. She claimed they interviewed her and then used her image and words in a prescription drug advertisement.

    • Jane's mother passed away in August, 1997.

    • Tom Brokaw introduced Jane to her husband, Doonesbury creator, Gary Trudeau.

    • Jane released her autobiography Skywriting: A Life Out Of The Blue in 2004.

    • In 1971, Jane earned her B.A. in political science from Indiana University.

    • In 2004, Jane admitted to having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

    • While working for NBC news, Jane appeared in 5 public service announcements for NBC's The More You Know campaign. Her topics were self esteem, a teacher tribute, immunization, breast cancer and school volunteerism.

  • Quotes

    • Jane: My goal is to see that mental illness is treated like cancer.

    • Jane: I have been fiercely private, in part because I could never understand how a journalist could be otherwise. I was also the mother of small children, and security concerns were paramount.

    • Jane: (On her husband)
      The big difference between us professionally is that I am absolutely wedded to the concept of objectivity and fairness, and Garry will point out that, as a satirist, unfairness is his stock and trade.

    • Jane: (In 1989)
      Nobody calls me silly. That is not a word that applies to me.

    • Jane: (On Bryant Gumbel)
      I love the guy and he loves me back. I've always said that one of us will be speaking at the other's funeral -- if I go first, he'll be funnier.

    • Jane: I am not one of the great journalists of my time.