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  • Spectacular Woman

    I am a massive fan of Jane and all her work! She is super talented and super funnny. I roll over laughing everytime i see her dancing in one of her sketches whether it be as Margaret Bland in fast forward or as the high-maitenence foxymoron Kath Day-knight in Kath and Kim! I epecially loved her as Svetta in Fast Forward, watching her and Peter Moon cracking it up in the bloopers; \\\'Victor, you are a very unatractive man\\\' is one of my all-time favourite quotes. Jane is a wicked actress but she\\\'s also done charity work overseas which makes this very funny and exceptionally talented lady even better because she\\\'s prepared to go out-of-her-way to help others.
  • Good Actress!

    Jane Turner, like her co-star the gorgeous Gina Riley, is a very talented and funny woman. She has done an exellent job with acting in and writing Kath and Kim. She and Gina work together extremly well and they deserve all the money they get! Jane's comedic talent is absolutely fascinating and has got so many people laughing around the world!! Her and Gina's comedys have caught peoples attention from all over the world and if you havn't seen their comedys then I strongly recommend them!!!! It doesn't matter which of their DVDs you watch, whether it's Kath and Kim, Full Frontal, Big Girl's Blouse or Fast Forward Jane will have you laughing till you drop!!