Jane Wyatt

Jane Wyatt


8/12/1910, Campgaw, New Jersey, USA



Birth Name

Jane Waddington Wyatt


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Jane Wyatt, an American actress, was born on August 12, 1910, in Campgaw, New Jersey to Christopher Billop Wyatt, Jr., a Wall Street investment banker and Euphemia Van Renssenlaer Waddington Wyatt, a drama critic from the Catholic World. She had several notable links in her lineage including Eleanor…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jane was 5 feet 6 inches tall.

    • Jane won three consecutive Emmys for her portrayal of Margaret Anderson in Father Knows Best -- these include:
      (1958) Best Continuing Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic or Comedy Series.
      (1959) Best Actress in a Leading Role (Continuing Character) in a Comedy Series.
      (1960) Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Series. (Lead or Support)

    • Jane worked with the March Of Dimes since it's founding in 1938.

    • Jane starred in the stage play "Conquest" with another future "Star Trek" actress, Dame Judith Anderson, in 1933. Judith starred in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984) and Jane starred in the following picture, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).

    • Jane was a devoted Catholic, never missing Mass on Sundays.

    • Jane has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, at 6356 Hollywood Blvd.

    • Jane was directed by Frank Capra, in "Lost Horizon" (1937) and later by one of his sons, Frank Capra III, the first assistant director on "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" (1986).

    • Jane has two sons, Michael, who is a pianist, and Christopher.

    • Jane was honored with the Women's International Center Living Legacy Award in 1986.

    • Jane played Amanda Grayson, the mother of Leonard Nimoy's character, Mr. Spock, on both the original Star Trek series episode "Journey To Babel" and in the film Star Trek: The Voyage Home (1986). Her character was also featured in the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "Yesteryear," though Majel Barrett Roddenberry provided the voice instead of Jane.

    • Jane met her husband when they were both houseguests at Franklin Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park.

    • Jane's hobbies include bird-watching and gardening.

    • Jane opposed the illegal tactics of the House Un-American Activities Committee headed by Senator Joseph McCarthy, appearing with Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and other stars in 1947 in Washington D.C. to protest their actions, and she continuted to be outspoken against them throughout the 1950s.

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